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The Lastest Discount International Air Ticket Booking

We are the authority travel agent to book the Yunnan International Air Tickets service to offer the very good discount international air plane tickets, cheaper international air tickets, especially for those who wants book a round international trip air tickets. This international air discount ticket is help for the business men, international students, tourists.

Reference period: special discount international flight ticket.

City international Air ticket fares(including Tax), RMB/per person
Kunming-Hongkong-Kunming MU 1790RMB/273USD/(within 7 days returning.)
KA 1880RMB/287USD(within 7 days returning.)
HX 1830RMB/279USD(within 7 days returning.)
Kunming-Bangkok-Kunming TG 2770RMB/423USD(within 30 days returning.)
MU 3030RMB/463USD(within 15 days returning)
Kunming-Vientiane-Kunming MU 2670RMB/408USD (within 30 days returning.)
QV 2670RMB/408USD (within 30 days returning.)
Kunming-Singapore-Kunming MI 4110RMB/627USD (within 14 days returning.)
MU 3280RMB/501USD (within 10 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Dhak-Kunming/KMG MU 2980 RMB/455USD (within 45 days returning.)
Kunming-Kuala lumpur-Kunming, MH 3520RMB/537USD (within 14 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Hanoi-Kunming/KMG, VN 2710RMB/414USD (within 30 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Osaka-Kunming/KMG, MU
3780RMB/556USD (within 30 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Kolkata-Kunming/KMG, MU 3650RMB/557USD (within 90 days returning.)
Kunming-Phnom Penh-Kunming/KMG , MU 1910RMB/281USD (within 30 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Mandalay-Kunming/KMG , MU 3420RMB/522USD (within 15 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Seoul-Kunming/KMG KE 3130RMB/461USD (within 30 days returning.)
Kunming-Ho Chi Minh-Kunming, VN 3050RMB/449USD (within 30 days returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Kathmandu -Kunming 2950RMB/434USD (within30 days return.)
Kunming/KMG-Rangoon-Kunming/KMG, CA 3350RMB/493USD (within 6 months returning.)
Kunming/KMG-Taibei-kunming/KMG, MU 3110RMB/457USD (within 90 days returning.)
3U 2670RMB/393USD (within 30 days returning.)
B7 2950RMB/434USD (within 30 days returning.)

1, TG Airline, From July 1st-30 Sep,2009. Every Monday, Wed, special promotional discount air price:
Kunming/Bangkok/Kunming, round trip air ticket fare: 1300RMB+637RMB/tax=1937RMB/person, within 30 days returing;  
Kunming/Bangkok/Phuket or Chiangmai, roung trip air ticket fares 1710RMB+813RMB/Tax=2523RMB/person, within 30 days returing,
You must departure Kunming on Monday or Wed, the returning date is no limited when you return to Kunming. The departure date and returning date must be fixed/confirmrf when you book it,it is no update, no concallation. no refund.  
2, VS Airline, From July 1st-3rd Oct, 2009. special promotional discount air price:
Shanghai/London/Shanghai, round trip air ticket fare: 4780RMB+2780RMB/tax=7560RMB/person, within 60 days returing;  
Shanghai- Aberdeen-Shanghai, or shanghai-Edinburgh-Shanghai, or Shanghai-Manchester-Shanghai, round trip air ticket fare: 4780RMB+RMB/tax= RMB/person, within 60 days returing;  
The departure date and returning date must be fixed/confirmrf when you book it,it is no update, no concallation. no refund.  

Kindly note: all above air fare is only a reference price, the final air pare is depended on the date when you departure, please make call to us to consult the details.
We also could book the domestic flight tickets, E-tickets in whole of China for you.

Please send emails to us, or make call to us to consult your details, we could book the international flight tickets for you, you will get the much more cheaper price, discount flight tickets through us.

We also could book the international round tickets from wide side, such as, USA-Kunming-USA. France-Kunming-France, Kunming-Bangkok-Cairol, Kunming-Shanghai-Melbourne, Melbourne-Shanghai-Kunming. Etc.
Book Kunming China international flight ticket,
Judy Zhang (English Name)
Zhang Jing( Chinese Name)
Cell phone: 86-13888726753

Fetch the international air tickets:
Room No: 219 ROOM, M Zone, 2nd floor, China Eastern Airline Investment Building, 219th Chuncheng Road, Kunming, China, POSTCODE: 650041, Yunnan Overseas International Travel Service.

Kindly: you could take the Subway, line 1 or Line 2 to get to Southern Ring Road Station, get out from D exit to get to Kunming Golden Dragon Hotel, then go to Chunchen Road 219th.
From South Ring Road Subway Station D Exit Station to our office, walking Map. In fact, it merely takes 10 minits walking to our travel office.

Office Tel: 86-871-63176842, 63151921, 13888726753, 15398620878

click here to visit the Chinese website international air ticket for single way and round tickets booking, 国际特价机票报价、昆明/新加坡往返,昆明/曼谷打折机票,昆明/吉隆坡打折机票, 昆明/香港特价机票,昆明/万象优惠机票.......

Winter holiday discount flight tickets. Chinese New Year international flight fares, pls ask us for the details.  

Yunnan Hotel Reservation:

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+86-871-63151921, 65309878
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2-M, China Eastern Airline Investment Building, 219th Chuncheng Road. KUNMING, CHINA, POSTCODE: 650011
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