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14-Day Yunnan Trekking to Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Lugu Lake, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Qiaotao, Half Way Hostel, Walnut Grove, Haba Snow Mountain, White Water Terrace Field, Bita Lake, Shangri-la

Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yulong Mountain
Road to Lugu Lake
Haba Snow Mountain
18 Guai high trail on Tiger Leaping Gorge
2006 Yunnan China Travel Photo Guest Comments

1. Itinerary
Day01, Entry Kunming. (D)

Arrive in Kunming at 14:25, KA760, Hongkong/Kunming, meet you in airport, then transfer to hotel, visit the Flower and Birds market. Overnight in Harbour Plaza Hotel, 5 star.

Day02, Kunming(BLD)

Departure on the road to the Stone Forest consisting of eightares of ancient limestone cliffs and peaks aroded by wind and water over two hundred million years. Its area is the home of the Sani Minority. Drive back to Kunming. Lunch and dinner at local restaurants. Overnight in same hotel.

Day03, Kunming/Dali by flight

Take Morning flight to Dali, meet your local guide, visit the old town of Dali, then Cruise in Eryuan Western Lake. After lunch. Then drive to Butter Fly Spring, lunch and dinner at local restaurants. Overnight in Butter Flying Spring Hotel, 2 star.

Day04, Dali-Lijiang by minibus (BLD)

Breakfast at hotel, transfer to visit the morning market in Xizhou Village and visit the Architecture of Bai Ethnis. After lunch, drive to Lijiang. Visit the Yuquan park( Black Dragon Poo Park), there you will find elegant ancient pavilion and bridges. And leisure time at old town of Lijiang. Enjoy Naxi Classic concert ( Dongbe Ancient Music) in the evening. Lunch and dinner at local restaurants. Overnight in Guangfang Hotel Flower Resort, 5 star.

Day05, Lijiang (BLD)

Breakfast at hotel, excursion Glace Park in the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain by cable car, Visit the Yufeng Lamasery, built in the last year of Kangxi Period. Drive to Baisha Village one the way look the Ganhaizi. Same Hotel.

Day06, Lijiang-Lugu Lake by coach 350km.

Drive for 7-8 hours to Lugu Lake, visiting the Mosuo families, have a bonfire party tonight, dancing with The pretty and graceful Mosuo girls. The Mosuo people have their own ways and customs , still retain some remnants of the matriarchal society . Men and women are not bound by marriage , each living at one's mother's home. Men work at home during the day and spend their night with the women they love in their homes. Overnight in Cai Ta/Colorful Tower Hotel, 3 star. (B/L/D)

Day07, Lugu Lake-Lijiang by coach (BLD)

Cruising the lake by "pig trough"boats", there are five islands in the lake, three are in the territory of Yunnan and two in that of Province Sichuan, dozens of Mosuo families live on these islands so it is possible for the visitors to experience the life on the island and, at the same time, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lakes. explore the Liwubi Island and the Headman's Island. drive back to Lijiang. Overnight in Lijiang. Guangfang Hotel Flower Resort. 5 star

Day08, Lijiang-Beidiwan(BLD)

Morning drive to town Qiaotou, trekking 7-8 hours from upper trail of Tiger Leaping Gorge to Bendiwan, the tiger Leaping Gorge is one of the deepest canyons of the world, famous in the world for its majesty grotesquery. Overnight in Half Way Hostel.

Day09, Bendiwan-Heika-Walnut Grove (BLD)

Trekking 6 hours to Heika, a small Naxi Village beside the Yangtze River. It is better to stay tonight at Walnut Grove Woody Guesthouse.

Day10, Walnut Grove---Haba (BLD)

Trekking 5 hours from Walnut Grove to Village Haba, enjoy the beautiful scenery around the Haba Snow Mounatin. Haba Snow Mounatin is 120km from Shangri-la, snow-clapped all year round, abundant with all kinds of rare and precious animals and plants, elevation of the main peak is 5396 m, Stay at Snow Sea Guesthouse where you will see the snow peak in the courtyard.
Stay tonight at Haba Snow Sea Guesthouse.

Day 11, Shangri-la (BLD)

Morning drive to Sanba Village, visit the Baishuitai ( white Water Terrace), it is at an eleation of 2680 meters. Minerals in the Spring water deposit down and form a white rock like clay with water running down over it, Such view covers an area of three square kilometers. On its top, the view is superb and here is a holy prilgrimage place for the locals such as the Naxi people. Further drive to Shngri-la, in the afternnon. Overnight in Paradise Hotel, 5 star.

Day12, Shangri-la

1. Highland Lake Bitahai, surrounded by wooded mountains and resembles a beryl inlaid among them, Bitahai is the most beautiful and highest lake in Yunnan, covers an area of 166 hectares. The surrounding mountains are densely scattered with azaleas, and each year in late spring and early summer, when the flowers are in full bloom, the hillsides seem to be dyed red.
2. Songzanlin Lamasery, it is the largest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Yunnan Province, built in 1679 under Emperor Kang Xi's authorization after the fifth Dalai Lama sent a report to him, also one of the famous monasteries in the Tibetan area. It now has over 700 Buddhist monks.
3. Lake Napahai, a provincial nature reserve, which is located 8 km northwest of Zhongdian County, with a total area of 2,400 hectares, surrounded by mountains on three sides, which are capped with deep snow during winter and spring.

Day13, Shangri-la--Kunming by flight (BLD)

Morning flight from Shangri-la to Kunming, sightseeing The western Hills, Dragon Gate, visit the Huating Temple, in the afternoon, discover the Golden Temple. Lunch and dinner at local restaurants. Overnight in Harbour Palza Hotel, 5 star.

Day14, Kunming-Hongkong by flight KA761, departure kunming at 15:15.(B)

Free in the morning, Be transferred to the airport and fly to your next destination, service ends.

Suitable time: all year
Thebest time: March, April, May, June, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.

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Quotation US$/person 

1 st July-31 Dec, 2009

City / Price A Class / 5star B Class / 4star C Class/ 3star
Kunming Harbour Plaza Hotel or sim 5 star Golden Dragon Hotel or sim 4 star Camellia Hotel or sim
Dali Butterfly Spring Hotel, 2 star Butterfly Spring Hotel, 2 star Butterfly Spring Hotel, 2 star
Lijiang Guangfang Hotel, 5 star Grand Lijiang Hotel or Jiannan Chun Hotel sim 4 star Shan He Garden Hotel or sim 3 star
Lugu Lake Lugu Ancient Tree Hostel Lugu Ancient Tree Hostel Lugu Ancient Tree Hostel
Tiger Leaping Gorge Half Way Hostel Half Way Hostel Half Way Hostel
Walnut Grove Sean's Spring Guest House or Walnut Grove Woody Guesthouse Sean's Spring Guest House or Walnut Grove Woody Guesthouse Sean's Spring Guest House or Walnut Grove Woody Guesthouse
Haba Snow Mountain Haba Snow Sea Hoostel or Haba Snow Mountain Inn Haba Snow Sea Hoostel or Haba Snow Mountain Inn Haba Snow Sea Hoostel or Haba Snow Mountain Inn
Shangri-la Paradise Hotel/ Tian Jie Shen Chuan Hotel. 5 star Holy Palace Hotel or sim 4 star Rim Pacific Hotle or sim 3 star
2-5 pax .00US$/p.p

Single Room Extra:.00US$

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