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TOUR CODE: ECR0225 Nujiang Grand Gorge Adventure Trip
Southwest China tour,中国西南部旅游,



Nujiang first bend trip
Nujiang Lishu Minority People,独龙江旅游,Bingzhongluo tour
Nujiang, First Bend
shangri-la trip
Reading book at Tina's Guest House
Small Shangrila.
Guizhou Travel Photo 2008  
Yunnan China Travel Photo 2006 Yunnan China Travel Photo 2007
China Nujiang Adventure 26 Days trip to Liuku, gongshan,Bingzhongluo, shangri-la tours picture

26 days Southwest China Minority adventure tour, tour to Shanghai, Kunming, Dali, Liuku, Nujiang Gorge, Gongshan, Fugong, Binzhong Luo, Dulong River, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Jinghong, Xishuangbanna, Yuanyang Terrace Field, Jianshui Travel

1. Itinerary

Day01, Arrive in Shanghai
Meet you in Shanghai Pudong Airport, transfer to hotel in Shanghai. Rest. Overnight in Shanghai.

Day02, Shanghai-Kunming by flight
Check out hotel, transfer to Shanghai Pudong//Hongqiao Airport, take flight to Kunming, meet you in Kunming airport, transfer to hotel. Free, rest. Overnight in Kunming. (D)

Day03, Kunming-Stone Forest-Kunming
Visit the No 1 wonder under heaven, the world Nature Heritage, overnight in Kunming. (B/L/D)

Day04, Kunming -Dali by private van


Visit the Yunnan Yi at Xiangyin County on the way to Dali, our driver will turn off the Express Way, at Chuxiong and started to drive past, rice, barley and corn fields for some distance, when suddenly you will arrive at the clearing where you see, four rusty, old propeller planes, one recognized as a U.S. Air Force, P 40, Air Cobra fighter plane. There were also some large stone rollers, used to level the earth for airplane runways, and a Memorial Plaque, set in stone, for the " Flying Tigers ". You will eatlunch nearby and afterwards visited the village, which also has a Museum dedicated to the actions of these brave men. That this was their first operating base, with an existing airstrip, which was later extended to accommodate multi-engine planes. We even saw a hand made sign with an arrow pointing West, labeled " Burma Road ", a branch of which passed by there.
Get to Dali Ancient Town, visit the Dali Ancient Town, overnight in Dali. (B/L/D)

Day05, Dali- Liuku by van 235KM 4hours(B/L/D)

Today we drive from Dali to Liuku, liuku is the humdrum but pleasant capital of the prefecture and important transport hub, thouhg it is of little instrinsic interest. it is warm here. We will enter the Nujiang valley, 320km long river gorge is one of yunnan's best kept secrets., the nujiang know as the Salween in Myanmar; its name in Chinese means " Raging River", it is the second-longest river in southeast Asia and one of only two undammed rivers in China. Overnight in Liuku.

Day06, Liuku - Gongshan. 256KM 7 hours (B/L/D)

Dulongjian River Trip,独龙江旅游,Bingzhongluo tour,丙中洛旅游 Bingzhongluo tour,丙中洛旅游

Today we continue to drive our way into the great canyon of the Nujiang River, also known as the Salween River we mentioned before, we drive along the yunnan provinical road of 228th, we also drive along the wild stream further north to pass the Fugong to get to Gongshan. We will enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery to both sides. On the way, we stop over at a bathing pool. This is the nature spring of Lushui River and the place where the local Lisu people gather beginning of each year to celebrate their Bathing Pool Meeting. In the Nujiang Canyon, this well-known custom shall wash away the bad and dirty remainders of the bygone year and welcome the new one, embracing the auspicious.

Gongshan is one street town, is a trading centre for the upper Nujiang Valley.

We pass the so-called Tiger Jump which is a huge stone in the middle of the river, which is relatively narrow here. The descending water wildly splashes onto the huge rock, which makes the water roar through the valley. It is said that tigers crossed the river here from one mountain range to the other hence the name.
In the town of Pihe, we have a look at the Flying Stones which is another interesting oddity of the Nujiang valley: these two giant rocks are located centrally on the yard of the local middle school. The school was built on sandstone, some 5m above the river's water level and around these immovable obstacles, one lying, one standing.
We continue to the Man-Horse-Rope Bridge, one of the last rope ziplines left in the canyon. Here, the steep Biluo Snow Mountain to the east and the Gaoligong Mountain range to the west - one higher than the other - once didn't leave a lot of space to pass through the valley along the wild river. A local saying explains the situation with no paths for the goats, big worries even for the monkeys. Therefore, the rope bridges were built here, formerly the primary means of crossing the the Nujiang.

Overnight in Gongshan

Fugong Fuyuan Hotel or similar

Day07, In Gongshan-Bingzhongluo, 50km by van-Gongshan (B/L/D)

nujiang tour

After breakfast, we will visit the interesting Laomu Deng Cathlic Church in the south west of town, take the picture there, then we will drive to Bingzhongluo, after get to Bingzhongluo, we will explore the Stone-Gate-Pass, a spectacular section of the canyon which was created by rapidly descending waters between the steep rocks of Biluo Snow Mountain to the east and the Gaoligong range to the west. The giant cliffs of the 'gate' are 500 meters high and 200 meters wide. The river, rushing narrowly through the stone gate makes it a magnificent spot.

China Nujiang Adventure 26 Days trip to Liuku, gongshan,Bingzhongluo, shangri-la tours picture

There is a beautifully Wuli Village located on the bottom of mountain. At the foot of green hills, its ethnic cottages are scattered all over the area surrounded by golden cornfields. Secluded Wuli Village is only connected to the outside world via a gallery road that was digged into the cliffs. This path is also part of the ancient Tea-Horse-Road. Quite narrow but safe to walk over, the torrential waters of the ever roaring Nujiang River flow by a couple of meters below.

Overnight in Gongshan

Day08, Gongshan - Fugong.120KM by van, 3.5 hours- 4 hours (B/L/D)

Nujiang church trip

We departure Gongshan, drive back to Fugong this morning, we can enjoy the sightseeing on the way, lives deep canyon between patent protector,rive, steep cliff hanging Nujiang canyon wall, lives deep, roaring like mustang pentium in a valley.
Get to the Fugong, visit the Xiangyang bridge in old town, ancient ferry, this evening dinner, taste the Lisu people holiday orders, to participate in the "hand pilaf ", " concentric cocktail party ", both the male and the female face stick a face, mouth to mouth, and let the wine flows into the host's mouth at the same time, drink wine. Lisu Minority peopel have such a proverb: drink "concentric wine", through all the ends of the earth is forever friendship. Melodious singing and bold and unrestrained dance, Nujiang Lisu women and men like the surging passion, let you experience the wild and opening passion.

Day09, Fugong - Liuku. 255km by van, 7.5 hours (B/L/D)


Nujiang river scenery is the gift of nature to the Chinese, it the invincibility of momentum, pentium roaring nujiang river waves roared like a hail, such as Chinese ink painting is like the morning mist to decorate the grand canyon. Old Laomuden Churches unexpectedly appeared in the sparsely populated in the grand canyon, feeling Nujiang River the World Natural Heritage, the "three rivers flow" with core bring you surprise. Arrived in Liuku.

Day10, Liuku - Dali 260kms by van, 7 hours. (B/L/D)

Nujiang bath gatering trip

Visit the Old county of " Zhizhi Luo", this is a former county particularly different.There are many things can evoke childhood memories after 1980's, schools, office buildings, hospitals, residential buildings, etc., most completely empty, can let the memory and imagination to fill in, choose good composition and details can be made very inductive figure, you can take: library of octagon house, old Laomuden Christ church, lighting stadium, cinema, post office, the county party committee compound, etc.

overnight in Dali.

Day11, Dali Area, (B/L/D)

We get up early morning, see the Erhai lake, the beauty of the sunrise and the dawn special, feel the peace of erhai lake and framed mist! Visit the Xizhou Bai Minority Courtyard. Enjoy the Three Course Tea of Bai People, Zhouchen ancient Town.

Day12, Dali- Eryuan - Jianchuan 139kms by van, 2 hours, or Shaxi Ancient Town. (B/L/D)

Take the way to Eryuan, cruise on the Eryuan little Western Lake, on a cruise, ornamental water people Bai, the local-style dwelling houses building on the water, then we get to the Jianchuan county.
Visit the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Shanxi.

Day13, Jianchuan or Shaxi Village- Lijiang 70km by van 1 hours (B/L/D)

Visit the Ancient Tea Horse Road in Shanxi. The charming Bai village of Shaxi (Sideng) is located in the stunning surroundings of the Shaxi Valley. Shaxi was formerly an important pivotal stop on the Tea and Horse trail from Yunnan to Tibet. The village has been renovated with the help of the Swiss
visit Shibao Mountain. The impressive rock carvings of Shibao Mountain are over 1300
years old and are testimony of the spread of Mahayana Buddhism in the region.
Reach to Lijiang in the afternoon.

Shaxi Tour Photo, jianchuan shaxi photos trip

Day14, Lijiang. (B)

Free day to explore your own interesting.
Suggested tour program: you'll head for the scenic Black Dragon Pool and the Dongba Museum to explore the rich Naxi minority culture. Then explore Lijiang Old Town. Lijiang Old Town has a history more than 800 years; it was listed as the World Cultural Heritage by the UNESCO 1997. Here you will see the wonderful wooden architecture of Naxi ethnic people. You will explore the Mu's Residence, Lion Hill and Wangu Tower in the old town.

You also could visit the nearby traditional village of "Baisha", the former capital of the Naxi kingdom. Visit
the Liu Li Temple, with its beautiful, well preserved wall paintings from the Ming Dynasty that
miraculously survived the Cultural Revolution.

Lijiang ancient town travel photos

Day15, Lijiang - Tiger Leaping Gorge - Tina's Guest House. (B/L/D)


You'll drive about 60KM to the First Bend on the Yangtze River with imposing gorge scenery, visit the Iron Chain Bridge, the Red Army's Long March Memorial Monument in the Shigu town. The town of Stone Drum got its name from a large, cylindrical, marble tablet shaped like a drum. The scenery is magnificent as the road running through the Lijiang valley which is filled with wheat fields and drying haystacks.

Day16, Tina's Guest House-Walnut Grove-Tina's House. (B/L/D)

Lijaing first bend trip

Trekking half day around the Middle Tiger Leaping Gorge, you could choose two way for trekking.

Ist way: Start from Tina's to hike along the high trail on Haba Snow Mountain to the Half Way for 3-4 hours, have lunch on Half Way, then trek back to Tin'a Guest House in the afternoon.

2nd way:
start from Tina's Guest House to trek along the lower path to get to Golden Sands River, for 3-4 hours, you will pass by the ray of sunlight. This part of route is one of the most risk hiking. If you are very used to trekking. Get to Walnut Grove. Trek back to Tin'a Guest House.

Overnight in same hotel. (B/L/D)

Day17, Tina's House-Haba - Shangri La ( Zhongdian ). (B/L/D)


This morning drive to Haba Snow Mountain, visit the Sanba Village, then visit the Baishuitai ( white Water Terrace), it is at an eleation of 2680 meters. Minerals in the Spring water deposit down and form a white rock like clay with water running down over it, Such view covers an area of three square kilometers. On its top, the view is superb and here is a holy prilgrimage place for the locals such as the Naxi people. White Water Terrace is the Naxi people culture originated, It is the Holy place for Naxi ceremonies now, you could have a change to ride Tibetan farmer's horse( your own expense.) to travel around the White Terrace Field. After lunch, further drive to Shangri-la.

Day18, Shangri-La. (B)


Free day to explore your own interesting.
Suggested tour program: Stroll around Dukezong Ancient Town, an important town of the Ancient Tea-horse Trade Caravan from Yunnan to Tibet and India. Walk up to the top of Guishan Hill or tortoise Hill, you will see the largest Prayer Wheel of the world and have a panoramic view of shangrila county and Dukezong Ancient Town.

Meals Including: Breakfast

Overnight in Same Hotel.

China Nujiang Adventure 26 Days trip to Liuku, gongshan,Bingzhongluo, shangri-la tours picture

Day19, Zhongdian - Kunming via air, Kunming--Jinghong by flight. (B/L/D)
Visit the Western Hills with Dragon Gate, Kunming Explore Garden. Take late afternoon or evening flight to Jinghong. Meet you in Jinghong airport, transfer to hotel.

Day20, Jinhong (B/L/D)

Jinghong trip

Visit the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden. Sightseeing in the local bazaar and the villages of Dai people. Viist the GANLAN BA, Olive Dam, home to peacocks, country market, Da Hinanyana Temple, Dai & Hani Village along the road.

Day21, Jinghong-Kunming by flgiht (B/L/D)

Day22, Kunming - Yuanyang 370km 6-6.5hours (B/L/D)

Hani Yuanyang trip

Check out the hotel, drive to Yuanyang, if time is possible to directly get to the Mouth of Tiger Terrace to see the sunset. Take pictures of Yuanyang Terrace Rice Field.

Day23, Yuanyang: Duoyishu - Shengcun - Bada (B/L)


Transfer to enjoy Duoyishu rice terrace. Duoyishu is one of the major terraced-field areas
applying for World Cultural Heritage. A visit of the Shengcun market is possible to combine
itself in a half day tour with sunrise of Duoyishu Rice Terraces. Shengcun Market is on Sheep,
Pig and Rabbit days. we can visit the market in Shengcun. Shengcun market is bustling during the market days. Alongside the main streets of Shengcun are filled with local merchandise. The Yi and Hani minorities come from the whole region no matter for sell, exchange or buy various kinds of fresh products, animals and trifles. Meanwhile, the Yi and Hani minority women always dress their traditional clothing. A Shengcun market day is therefore a true color festival.

Accommodation: Yuanyang

Day24, Yuanyang - Jianshui 120km by van, 3.5 hours. (B/L/D)

Jianshui trip  

Drive to Jianshui, Visit the Tuanshan village with a stop at the twin dragon bridge along the way. Take a walking tour around Tuanshan. If time permits, can take a brief stop at Lengdun where locals sell various seasonal fruits of the area.
Visit Xingmeng Mongolian Village. Stop at Tongha. Continue driving to Jianshui (1hr). Check-In at the hotel. Take a walking tour around town, visit Zhu Mansion Garden, Confucius Temple and its lovely garden and the former city gate "Chaoyanglou" from the early Ming Dynasty, today the tour schedule is very full, it is a hard day. Stay overnight at Jianshui Linan Story Hostel or sim hostel

Day25, Jianshui - Kunming. 230km by van, 3.5 hours-4 hours

We drive back to Kunming, visit Xingmeng Mongolian Village. Stop at Tongha county. Continue driving to Kunming (1hr). Overnight in Kunming.

Day26, Departure Kunming. (B)

Lushui Bridge in Liuku county
Lishu Girl at Gongshan County
Flying Stone in Lushui County

2. The tour reference price for 2-5 persons:2 persons share with 1 rooms:
5 star hotel class: 39480CNY/person, single room Extra: 9000CNY
The reference price in US$ is 39480/6.8=5806US$/person

If 1 person share with 1 room:
Total: 39480CNY/person+9000CNY/person=48480RMB/person
The reference price in USD is 48480/6.8=7129US$/person

Kindly note: the tour price will be settled by Chinese money CNY or the fixed exchange rate, 1USD equals to 6.80CNY.

3. Service includes:
1. Accommodation with hotel daily breakfast.
2. Sightseeing entrance fee
3. English speaking tour guide
4. 4 domestic flight fares: Shanghai/Kunming, Shangri-la/Kunming, Kunming/Jinghong, Jinghong/Kunming
5. Meals are specified with"B", "L',"D"
6. Private minibus transfer based on schedule for 26 days. Except the tour in Free days.
7. Tourist Life Accient Insurance inside China

4. Service excludes:
1. International flight fares
2. Tips to guides and drivers:
Tip to guides and drivers: 18USD-22USD for per guide for per day for every 2 persons, 16USD-20USD for per driver for per day for every 2 persons.

5. Hotel class:
5 star hotels in cities, Shanghai, Kunming, Dali, Lijiang, Shangrila.
2-3 star hotels in counties. Jianshui, Yuanyang.
4 star hotel in Jinghong
hostels during the trekking along the Tiger Leaping Gorge, Haba snow mountain.

6. Kinldy note: this tour also could be arranged by 4-3 stars hotels class in cities, please contact us if you have any requirments.

7, Extension tour

Day26, Kunming - Shanghai via air
Transfer to Kunming airport, take flight to Shanghai, meet you in Shanghai airport, transfer to hotel. 5 star hotel.

Day27, Shanghai
Visit the TV Tower of Oriental Pearl-Asia tallest Tower, the Jade Buddha Temple and the Yuyuan Garden and the Famous Bund. (B/L)

Day28, Shanghai
Free day to Free day to explore your own interesting. Suggest you to visit the Shanghai Museum, which is a very interesting place in the down town. Only includes the hotel room rate and hotel daily breakfast. (B)

Day29, Shanghai-Kansas City or your city
Check out hotel, transfer to airport, departure Shanghai, OTC wish you are a good trip. (B)

Tour price for 1 person, 1 person share with one room by your own

Reference price in USD is 9980CNY/6.8=1467US$

Service includes:
1. Accommodation with hotel daily breakfast
2. Sightseeing entrance fee
3. One domestic flight fare, Kunming/Shanghai
4. English speaking tour guide
5. Meals are specified with"B", "L","D"

Service excludes:
1 International flight fares
2. Tips to guides and drivers

8. Kinldy note: this tour also could be arranged by 4-3 stars hotels class in cities, please contact us if you have any requirments.

Suitable Season: March, April, May, June, Late of September, Oct, Nov.

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yunnan jianshui travel photos
Yunnan Yuanyang Photos Trip

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