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20 Days China Photograpy tours, Yunnan 20 Days Photograpy travel to Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Stone Forest, Dongchuan Red Land, Dali, Weishan, Xizhou, Shaxi, Weibo Shan, Shangri-la, Deqin, Feilai Si, Meili Snow Mountain, Cizhong, Weixi, Tacheng Nature Reserve, Lijiang, Shuhe Photos Trip

Lijiang Ancient Town Photo Tour

Puzhehei Travel Photos

Dongchuan Red Land, Red Soil, Red Earth Photo


Day by day tour schedule

1, Tour Itinerary
Day 1 //1 June, 2015, Hong Kong / Kunming (D) KA760 11:50-14:15

Arrival in Kunming by Dragon Air KA760 from Hong Kong at 14h15. Pick up at the airport and transfer to hotel. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in Camellia Hotel or sim 3 star hotel.

Day 2 Kunming - Jianshui 217km, about 4 hours drive (B/L)

After breakfast we take a stroll through the idyllic Green Lake Park, a popular gathering point
for the local population, to see the locals engaged in their morning workouts, practice Tai Chi,
show off their birds and enjoy social dancing. Drive to Jianshui. Visit Xingmeng Mongolian Village. Stop at Tongha. Continue driving to Jianshui (1hr). Check-In at the hotel. Take a walking tour around town, visit Zhu Mansion Garden, Confucius Temple and its lovely garden and the former city gate "Chaoyanglou" from the early Ming Dynasty, today the tour schedule is very full, it is a hard day. Stay overnight at Jianshui Linan Story Hostel or sim hostel

Day 3 Jianshui - Yuanyang 162km, about 3.5 hours drive(B/L)

Drive to Tuanshan village with a stop at the twin dragon bridge along the way. Take a walking
tour around Tuanshan. Continue your trip to yuanyang. We stop at the Swallow's Caverns, a
magnificent cave that has been dug out by the Lu River. The Lu River still runs through the
lower part of the cavern. During spring and summer hundreds of thousands of Swallows can
be seen flying around inside and outside the cave. You walk into the cave (1hr) and take a
boat back. If time permits, can take a brief stop at Lengdun where locals sell various seasonal
fruits of the area.

Accommodation: Overnight at Shengcun Yunti Hotel

Day 4 Duoyishu - Shengcun - Bada (B/L)

Transfer to enjoy Duoyishu rice terrace. Duoyishu is one of the major terraced-field areas
applying for World Cultural Heritage. A visit of the Shengcun market is possible to combine
itself in a half day tour with sunrise of Duoyishu Rice Terraces. Shengcun Market is on Sheep,
Pig and Rabbit days. Today is the Pig Day, we can visit the market in Shengcun. Shengcun
market is bustling during the market days. Alongside the main streets of Shengcun are filled
with local merchandise. The Yi and Hani minorities come from the whole region no matter for
sell, exchange or buy various kinds of fresh products, animals and trifles. Meanwhile, the Yi
and Hani minority women always dress their traditional clothing. A Shengcun market day is
therefore a true color festival.

Note: Cancel the visit to Longshuba, because online I read that the red duckweed can't be seen in June.
In fact, when seedlings-translate starts from April, so we can't see the red duckweed.
Accommodation: Shengcun Yunti Hotel

Yuanyang Terrice Rice Field Photo Trip China Yunnan

June 05. // Day 05 Xinjie - Jingkou - Tiger Mouth (B/L)

Yuanyang becomes a big draw to tourists and photographers for the amazing terrace fields
built on the red-soil mountains. 2500 years ago, the ancestors of Hani people came from
Tibetan Plateau to this land and worked out the fields on mountains generations after
generations. Now we can see the terraced fields step upwards over range upon range of
slopes from a height 144 to 2000 meters. From the tidy and well-constructed fields, anyone
has to admit that it is a human engineering feat only made by those hard working people.

Depart to visit a market in Xinjie Town(another market which is on Dragon, Rat and Monkey
days. Today is the Rat Day, ).

After that, transfer to Jingkou Hani Folk Village, a primitive,
exactly unindustrialized countryside area with long-standing customs, is located in core area of
the Yuanyang terraced fields, 7km away from Xinjie town. The village covers about five
hectares in hillside with 180 households and a population of 855. This Hani village is mainly
presents the common characteristics of the Hani Terraced Fields culture. Besides, it also
thoroughly shows primitive ecologic environment and un-sophistical villagers.
Walk around the village along the stone path, you can see the change of time as well as the
local's unchanged life on magnificent terrace fields. The earth-made houses on the both of
paths are well ranked, and the round straw housetop looks like a big mushroom. These called
mushroom houses are the residences of Hani people, which are comprised of earth-made
walls, bamboo or wood frameworks and straw housetops. Where there are Hani people, there
is Mushroom-shaped House. Inspire by the Mushroom, the Hani people built their houses.
Nowadays, numbers of mushroom houses spread in Hani Villages, making a wonderful
landscape with peaks, sea of clouds and diverse rice terraces.

In the afternoon, I'd like to take a few hours hike (2 to 3 hours hiking) through the landscapes of rice terrace and small
Villages. Then we can transfer to Tiger Mouth to see the sunset.

Accommodation: Yunti Hotel

Day 06 Yuanyang - Stone Forest 310km, about 5 hours drive (B/L)

Drive to Stone Forest. Visit Stone Forest scenic area.

Accommodation: Overnight in Stone Forest Yinri Ling hotel, 5 star hotel in local. This hotel is a 5 star hotel, but the room rate is not expensive. Very nice hotel.

Day 07 Stone Forest - Dongchuan 290km, about 5.5 hours drive (B/L)

Drive from Stone Forest to Dongchuan, then drive to Dongchuan Redland. Upon arrival, check in to hotel. Walk to visit village and Redland in the vicinity.

Accommodation: Redlands Hostels.
a lot of people online complain about hotels for poor equipment, service and dirtiness.
We have our own good hostels, we already tried many hostels around Redland area, we have two or three good hostels in our name list, we will book the hostels,( our clients, guides like it the best after they tried some of hostel along Redland area.we grant that you will like, it is clean, the hostel boss is very kind person) .

Dongchuan Redland Photogray Tour  
Dongchuan Red Land Photos trip in Yunnan  

Day 08 Dongchuan

Get up early and drive to view sunrise of Damakan. Continuously visit viewpoint of
Qicaipo, Jinxiuyuan,Yuepuao and sunset of Luoxiagou Valley( meaning--- the place
where beautiful colors set)..
Donchuan is famous for its red soil. The various colors of canola and potato fields stand in a
vast contrast to the reddish-brown, fertile soil around Dongchuan. Iron oxide deposits are not
only responsible for the unique color, they also makes the soil very fertile and ideal for growing
crops. You will make stops at the various viewpoints. The picturesque scenery here is
paradise for photography fans.

Accommodation: Same Hostel.

Day 09 Redland - Kunming 160km, about 3.5-4 hours drive(B/L)

Drive back to Kunming. After lunch, Transfer to Western Hills from where one has
spectacular views over the "Spring City" of Kunming and Dian Chi Lake. Visit the
Dragon Gate.
In the evening you visit the Cultural Dance Show "Dynamic Yunnan", a song and
dance medley organized by renowned dancer, Ms. Yang Liping. It shows the different
dances of the minority tribes in Yunnan province. It is both vibrant and colorful as the
dancers energetically perform in their traditional costumes.
Overnight in Kunming Camellia Hotel or sim 3 star hotel.

Day 10 Kunming-Dali(Xiaoguan) 348km, about 4 hours (B/L)
Drive,-Weishan 71km,about1.5 hours drive

Drive from Kunming to Weishan. Along the way we stop at Yunnan Yi. The picturesque village of Yunnan Yi played an important role during WW II when the Allied Forces where operating an Air Base nearby. The Airbase of Yunnan Yi served as a stop-over for planes flying the "Hump" route, a 530 Mile long treacherous flight passage over the Himalayan Mountains between India and Yunnan. It also served as a base for the Flying Tigers. Visit the Flying Tiger Museum. Yunnan Yi was also an important trading post on the "Tea and Horse Road" for tea on the way from Southern Yunnan to Tibet. Continue to Weishan. Located 52 kilometers south of Dali, the picturesque town of Weishan used to be an important and wealthy trading town during the powerful Nanzhao Kingdom throughout the 8th and 9th century. Weishan is not often visited by tourists and managed keep its original way of life. Your accommodation is at Weishan.

Day 11 Weishan - Dali - Xizhou 91km, about 2 hours drive (B/L)

You make an excursion to Weibao Shan. Weibao Shan is located 14 kilometers outside of Weishan and is considered as one of the 14 sacred Daoist Mountains in China. Weibaoshan is also regarded as the birthplace of Xinulou, the founder of the Nanzhao Kingdom. It is said that it was here that Xinulou got the inspiration from the Gods for the foundation of the powerful Nanzhao Kingdom that lasted for 13 generations. Visit Wencheng Temple which was recently renovated and is now home to an interesting exhibition about the Nanzhao Kingdom and its various Kings. If you want you can take a two hour-walk at Weibaoshan or head back and explore Weishan old town on your own.
Drive from Weishan to Dali. The old town of Dali is situated on the western shores of the stunning Erhai Lake on the foot of the 4000m high Cang Shan mountain range and is mainly inhabited by people of the Bai ethnic group, which is renowned for their handicrafts. You take a walking tour through the old town where you visit the Catholic Church, "foreigner street", the local market and the former city gates.
Continue your journey to Xizhou. Xizhou is located on the western shores of the Erhai Lake and is famous for it well preserved Qing style architecture. Overnight Accommodation is at a typical, old style Bai Style Boutique Hotel in Xizhou Linden Central Hotel
Kindly note: the Weishan Ancient Town Gate was burnt too in Jan 2015 after Shangri-la old town burnt.

Day 12 Xizhou-Shaxi 160km, about 3 hours drive(B/L)

Dali Erhai Lake  

In the morning you head to the Erhai Lake. You take a boat and visit a Cormorant-Fisherman.
This ancient fishing technique using specially trained Cormorants to dive after the fish is still
practiced in some remote areas of China.
Drive to the nearby town of Zhoucheng. Zhoucheng is famous for its long tradition in cloth
Batiks. Continue to Shaxi. The charming Bai village of Shaxi (Sideng) is located in the stunning
surroundings of the Shaxi Valley. Shaxi was formerly an important pivotal stop on the Tea and
Horse trail from Yunnan to Tibet. The village has been renovated with the help of the Swiss
You visit Shibao Mountain. The impressive rock carvings of Shibao Mountain are over 1300
years old and are testimony of the spread of Mahayana Buddhism in the region.
You can either walk back to Shaxi (2 hrs) or take the car back to the hotel. Time to relax or to
explore the charming old town on your own.
Overnight in Shaxi local hostel. Or equal to 2 star hotels.

Day 13 Shaxi - Shangri La 310km, about 5 hours drive (B/L)

We leave Shaxi in the morning and drive through magnificent landscape towards Zhongdian.
The road offers spectacular views over the Yangtze valley and the surrounding mountains. We
make a stop at Qiaotou, the entrance to the impressive "Tiger Leaping Gorge" (Hu Tiao Xia),
where the Yangtze waters are squeezed through a narrow, at some places only 15 meter wide
gorge. You will walk into the gorge the gorge to witness the power of the rushing waters close
up! (Total walking time is 1 hr). Lunch at Qiatou before heading for Zhongdian, where we arrive in the early evening.
(since the old town burnt down in January there is no more dancing going on at the central
square. It is possible that some dancing is taking place at the parking lot near the Museum.
This you can visit also without guide.(10 Min. walk from your hotel). Usually dancing starts
around 7 p.m.)
Overnight in Shangri-la local hostel or equal to 3 star hotels.

Shaxi Tour Photo, jianchuan shaxi photos trip

June 14. //Day 14 Shangri La (B/L)

Zhongdian is situated amongst a stunning landscape on the eastern Tibetan plateau at about
3200 meters abovesea level. It recently changed its name and is now called "Shangri-La",
after the Shangri-La that the British writer James Hilton described in his Novel "The Lost
Horizon". Take a walking tour around the old town. (big parts of the old town where destroyed by fire in January 2014.) Walk up to Bai Ji Temple (more of a pavilion actually) and enjoy the views over the town of Zhongdian.
In the afternoon you visit the Songtsam Monastery, a 300 year old impressive Tibetan
Monastery. From a historical point of view the GandenSumtselingGompa is very significant to
the region because it was inaugurated personally in the 17th century by the 5th Dalai Lama.
We tour the monastery and by doing so we learn more about the Tibetan Buddhism.
Visit the area around Napa Lake (Grassland) and visit a Tibetan Family.
Overnight in same hostel.

Day 15 Shangri La - Deqin 200km, about 4 hours drive. (B/L)

Drive to Shangri La. En route, visit pottery making of a rustic workshop in Nixi
Village. On the outskirts of Benzilan Town , visit Dongzhulin Temple. In Shusong visit the
Shushu Nunnery. Drive up the flanks of Baima Snow Mt. Upon arrival in Feilaisi in the late
afternoon, you will have a nice sunset view of Meili Snow Mountain from the Sightseeing
Platform, where you can see the 13 white pagodas meaning of the 13 peaks of Meili Snow
Mountain over 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) above sea level, known as the "Prince's 13 peaks".
We leave Zhongdian and head further north towards the town of Nixi. Nixi is famous for its
black pottery production. Continue to Benzilan. The town of Benzilan is located on the shores
of the Yangtze River and has an all year round mild and fertile climate.
About 10km north of Benzilan we visit one of the most important Tibetan monasteries in the
area, the DhondrumpingGompa, which originally was constructed in 1667. In Shuzhong we
visit the Shuzhong Nunnery. The Dhondrumping Monastery and the Shuzhong Nunnery are
both sub-monasteries of the Songtsam Monastery in Zhongdian.
After Benzilan the road leaves the Yangtze Valley and winds its way up the flanks of Mount Bai
Ma Xue Shan, over the Ya Kou Pass, which lies on 4'292 meters above sea level. On the other
side we enjoy first breathtaking views of MeiliXueshan (KawaKarpo). Continue to Feilai Si for the overnight accommodation.
(Note: You will pass the 13 white Pagodas on the way to Deqin. However, this viewpoint is still
around 20km away from Feilaisi. So this will be a 40km drive only to see a sunset that you can
also witness from Feilai Si)
Overnight in Deqin Feilai Si Meili Hostel or sim 3 star hotels.

Day 16 Deqin - Mingyong glacier - Cizhong 117km, about 4.5hrs drive.(B/-/D)

Get up early in the morning, enjoy the magic sunrise of Meili Snow Mountain If you are very lucky enough. Then drive another 1.5 hour to Mingyong village , where you have a horse riding to Mingyong Glaciers of Meili Snow Mountain. Then drive to Cizhong.
On a clear day you witness a magnificent sunrise with the snow caped Meili Mountain in the
background. Today we visit the magnificent Mingyong Glacier, which elegantly flows down the
side of Mount KawaKarpo for 12km. After a 2hours scenic walk up alongside the Glacier we
reach the Taizi Temple from where we enjoy the stunning view of the Mingyong Glacier and
the surroundings. Those with some energy left can continue walk for another 30 Minutes to the
Lianhua Temple.For those who do not wish to walk the whole distance can rent one of the
Please note: Mules are not included in the price and have to be paid on spot. The ride on these
mules is at your own risk. If you can not make it up to the glacier money is not refundable.

First we have to drive back up to Feilai Si and then again back down into the Mekong Valley.
With a length of 4350km the Mekong River is the 11th longest river in the world. It has its
sources on the Tibetan Plateau from where it flows across 6 countries before reaching the
South-China Sea in Vietnam. We follow the Mekong River to Cizhong, a picturesque village
nestled on a sunny terrace above the valley we visit the Catholic Church which was built about
a 150 years ago by French and Swiss missionaries. We stay overnight at a beautiful Lodge
overlooking the Mekong Valley. In the afternoon we visit the Catholic Church and take a stroll
around the village.

Day 17 Cizhong -Tacheng 190km, about 3.5 hours drive(B/-/D)

We follow the Mekong valley in a southerly direction through impressive scenery to Weixi.
From Weixi we cross on anew road the watershed between the Mekong and the Yangtze
Rivers and head towards the Yangtze valley. Along the way we pay a visit to
KhampuShouGuo Si, a small, 250 year old Buddhist monastery, which is situated high above
the Mekong Valley with beautiful, original wall paintings. This area is mainly inhabited by the
Lisu ethnic group. We continue to Tacheng. The idyllic Tacheng village is tucked away in
a small side valley of the Yangtze River. Check In at the tastefully furnished boutique style
lodge. Lunch along the way (your expenses) at a simple local restaurant.
The afternoon leaves time to take a stroll through the nearby village or relax and enjoy the
beautiful scenery from the comfort of the balcony of your room. Dinner takes place at the

Day 18 Tacheng - Liming -Lijiang-Shuhe 275km, about 5 hours drive .(B/L)

In the Morning we visit the Tacheng Nature Reserve. This Nature Reserve is home to the
Yunnan Snub Nosed Golden Monkeys. They get their names from the short stump of a nose
on their round faces, with nostrils arranged forward. Some of the monkeys do not seem to bedisturbed by the presence of humans which offers a good chance to observe these
endangered animals from a close distance.
Drive to Liming, the gateway for the magnificent Laojun Shan National Park. Along the way we
make a stop at Shigu village, to see the famous "First Bend", where the Yangtze River is
making an abrupt 180 degree turn and flows for several kilometers, parallel to itself towards
the north again.
Located within the UNESCO protected Three Parallel Rivers National Park in the
north-western Part of the Yunnan Province, Laojun Shan offers some of the most spectacular
red/purple sandstone formations in China.

NOTE: Take cable up to the top of Qiangui Mount
(we don't think you will have enough time to walk up the mountain, so taking the cable will be quicker for you, espeical for old people.)
Otherwise we may have no time to visit all the spots). where millions of years of erosion left behind a magnificent landscape resembling a tortoise shell. On a clear day, Mount Qiangui also offers spectacular views of the, surrounding red cliffs and the Huang Mountains in the distance.
Drive along the upper reaches of the Yangtze River to Shigu village, to see the famous "First
Bend", where the Yangtze River is making an abrupt 180 degree turn and flows for several
kilometers, parallel to itself towards the north again. The visit to Shigu is followed by a scenic
drive to Lijiang. We reach Shuhe in late afternoon. Check-in at your hotel. Overnight in hostel or 3 star hotels in Lijiang.

Day 19 Lijiang(B/L)

Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour Tiger Leaping Gorge Photo trip

For those who find Lijiang too much of a tourist place, Shuhe might be just the right place to
visit. Located a 10 minutes drive north of Lijiang, this laid back, sleepy Naxi village is a good
place to hang out for an afternoon. Shuhe was once an important trading post on the "Tea &
Horse Road" for tea on the way from Southern Yunnan to Tibet. An idyllic river runs through
the middle of the cobble stoned village, and many of the old buildings where carefully
renovated and turned into tastefully decorated restaurants, bars or guesthouses.
Take a walk around Shuhe old town.
Drive to the nearby traditional village of "Baisha", the former capital of the Naxi kingdom. Visit
the Liu Li Temple, with its beautiful, well preserved wall paintings from the Ming Dynasty that
miraculously survived the Cultural Revolution.
Continue to the village of Yuhu, a romantic village where the Austrian-American Botanist
Joseph Rock used to live from 1922 to 1949. His house has been transformed to a small
museum about the live and work of Joseph Rock.
Drive to Lijiang. The remaining afternoon you stroll through the apparently countless and, onfirst sight, confusing narrow lanes and canals crisscrossing the old town. We also learn more
about the secrets of the mystic Naxi-Dongba culture. We climb Lion Hill and enjoy a panoramic
look over the roof tops of the old town of Lijiang. Later in the afternoon we visit the lovely
"Black Dragon Pool" Park from where, weather permitting, one has a spectacular view of the
5'596 Meter high "Jade Dragon Mountain" (Yu Long Shan).
overnight in the same hostel or hotels.

Lijiang ancient town travel photos

Day 20 Lijiang - Departure MU5926 11:30-12:30 connecting KA761

Transfer to the airport to take flight to Kunming to connect int'l flight by your own to Hong Kong
by Dragon Air KA761 at 15h15. (No guide and car in Kunming is provided.)
Please note that you have to take your luggage in Kunming and recheck it at the counter
"International Flights" right next to the luggage belts. Then proceed to the departure area for
immigration (2 floors up).

Photos Tours Album Tourist Comments


Quotation includes:

Accommodation 6% Taxes
English speaking tour guide
Vehicle, Gasoline, Road Tax and driver
Entrance fees to mentioned sites
Yunnan Map
Drinking water in car
"Airport transfers
Meals as mentioned in headlines of the day (B=Breakfast/L=Lunch/D=Dinner)
Shows mentioned in itinerary
Accommodation for Guide and driver
Flight Lijiang-Kunming

Not included:
Visa for China
Personal expenses
Travel insurance of any kind
Meals not mentioned in Program
Tips for drivers and guides
Single Room Extra
Visa Fees.
Excess Baggage Charges;
Personal Expenses:Expenses of a purely personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax,Telephone call, optional activities, sightseeing or meals which are not mentioned;

City / Price

A Class / 5 star

B Class / 4 star


Wenhui Hotel or
sim 5 star

Camellia Hotel or sim 3 star

Jianshui Jianshui Linan Hotel, 5 star Jianshui Hostel
Yuanyang Yunti Hotel, 3 star Yunti Hotel Express hotel, 2 star or 2 star.
Stone Forest Stone Forest Yinrui Lin Hotel, 5 star Stone Forest,3 star
Dongchuan Dear Dongchuan Redland Guest House, Hostels Dear Dongchuan Redland Guest House, Hostels
Weishan Weishan Xiong Shao Hotel 3*
Weishan Xiong Shao Hotel 3*
Xizhou Xizhou Linden Centre 3*
Xizhou Linden Centre 3*
Shaxi Shaxi Laomadian Hotel 3*
Best available
Shaxi Guest House or hostels 2 star
Zhongdian Old Town Hotel 3*
Zhongdian Old Town Hostels
Deqin/Feilai Si Feilai Si Regalia Hotel 4-5*
Mountain View Room
Feilai Si Regalia Hotel 4-5*
Mountain View Room
Cizhong Cizhong Songtsam Lodge 4-5*
Cizhong Songtsam Lodge 4-5*
Tacheng Tacheng Songtsam Lodge 4-5*
Tacheng Songtsam Lodge 4-5*
Lijiang/Shuhe The Bivou 3-4*
Farm Yard Suite
The Bivou 3-4*
Farm Yard Suite
Quotation 2-5 pax:
  US$.00 p.p. US$.00 p.p

Single extra

US$ .00


Quotation 6-9 pax
  US$.00 p.p. US$.00 p.p

Single extra

US$ .00


Quotation 10 up pax
  US$.00 US$.00 p.p

Single extra



Dongchuan Red Land, Red Soil, Red Earth Photo

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