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Didier LAMY China Family Adventure Trip to Kunming, Yuanyang, Jianshui, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Lhasa trip, China 15 Days Adventure from France

From france to China travel

Didier LAMY China Family Adventure Trip to Kunming, Yuanyang, Jianshui, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Lhasa trip, China 15 Days Adventure from France

8 August, 2009
Comments about this China Adventure Trip

China Family vacation tours to Kunming, Stone Forest, Yuanyang Terrace Field, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Tibet, Lhasa, Gyantse, Shigatse travel from France Didier Family in Aug 2009  
Hello Dear Judy

Thank you very much, our family enjoyed a wonderful trip in China on this time, our guide Micheal Chen is a very good guy, thank you again.


Hello, Dear Lamy

Thanks for your email, yes, the time is flying, your arrival date is getting closer, please open the attachment file to see the confirmed tour schedule with the domestic flight schedule, these are E-tickets, you need not show the E-ticket copy, you just find the flight number of CZ3419 in Guangzhou New Baiyun International airport, you take the international flight from Paris to get to Guangzhou New Baiyun International Airport, which is the same airport, and show your, passport at the CZ3419 front desk to check in, you will get the boarding card, please check the balance tour payment in the attachment file.

Will you please tell me will you pay the balance tour payment by cash or by credit card to our company in advance, because you will arrive in Kunming at 22:45 in 8 Aug, when is Sun/Weekend on the next morning, you will go to Shili, Yuanyang on the next day on 9 Aug,
If you plan to pay by credit card, just do it like the last two times. And hand the credit card authorized payment form to our Kunming guide/Mike Chen.
If you plan to pay by cash, I will come to hotel to collect the tour payment cash and offer you the receipt around 8:00-8:30Am in 9 Aug before you go to Stone Forest.

After you return to Kunming on 12 Aug, I will come to your hotel to see your family to ask you to re-signature on the Bank credit card payment receipt for the two/three paper. And offer you our company receipt.

Wish you have a wonderful trip in China.

Warmly regards



From: Didier LAMY
Sent: Saturday, August 1, 2009 2:03:39 PM
Subject: RE: Six passports & six visas

Dear JUdy:

We are now now a week away from arrival.

Please send details including electronic tickets information regarding flight between Guangzhou and Kunming.

Best regards and good weekend.


Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2009 19:58:25 -0700
Subject: Re: Six passports & six visas
Hi, Lamy

Thank you very much for your email, we got your China visa Copies, we will send the confirmed tour schedule with 6 persons to you later, every member in our office is very busy now, since there are many tourists come to Yunnan China to tour invoid the hot this summer, it's crazy.

Best regards




Dear Lamy

I got your email, we have booked the three domestic flight tickets for Lamy Chloe,
Now the tour price for 6 persons is: 6 persons share with 3 twin rooms, one 9-10 seat minibus,

Since we will arrange 9-10 seat minibus for you, which is ok for 6 persons, we suggest you to control your luggage, the 9-10 seat minibus space might be smaller for you if you bring 6 bigger suite case with you. There is 19-21 seats vans after 9-10 seat mini bus, but the transport fee for 19-21 seat bus is much more expensive than 9-10 seat minibus, the tour cost will be higher if we use 19 seat bus for you, it seams too big to use 19-21 seats bus for 6 person, so we use 9-10 seat mini bus for you.

Will you please deposit another advance tour payment of 2000RMB*1.03=2060RMB by visa credit card for Lamy Chloe, it is the same way by card just like you did by the last time.

The balance tour payment will be paid upon you arrive in Kunming.

Please send your China Visa Copy to us to deal with the Tibet Permit as soon as you get it.

By the way, we will put the name of "Terrien Jocelyne Gisele G." on the air ticket for Terrien Jocelyne, because we only could input 26 characters for the name list on air ticket for domestic flight, it is should be ok, I find there is "Lamy" on her passport copy, as my experience, I think it could be better to put:" Terrien Lamy Jocelyne G. G." on her air ticket, what's your ideal.

Best regards


Yunnan Overseas Travel Corporation
Tel: 86-871-3176842, 6773530
Fax: 86-871-3151921, 5309878

From: Didier LAMY
Sent: Sunday, July 26, 2009 10:37:57 PM
Subject: Didier Lamy confirmed tour schedule_0725

Dear Judy:

I have revised the file and add one pax on page one
LAMY Chloe Andree 06HP40558

Sections to be updated are in red color

Please update paragraph 4 knowing our tour will be of six pax in three double rooms. The option for the single room is canceled. This should reduce the individual price per pax.

All passports with visa are still scheduled to be e-mailed on July 29, 2009.

Waiting to read you.

Thanks for having checked flight bookings over the week end.

Best regards.

Didier LAMY

Travel Service Confirmation
15-day Kunming, Yuanyang, Jianshui, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Lhasa Tibet Travel

1. Names and passport numbers of guests

Given names Surname Passport No.
Lamy Didier M.
Terrien Lamy Jocelyne
Levron Clemence M.
Lamy Thibault M.
Lamy Alexis Lucien

Please confirm the above informations are EXACTLY THE SAME AS SHOWN ON YOUR PASSPORTS, if there is mistake in spelling or numbers, flight check in will be refused, and you have to re-purchase tickets the airport.

2. Flight information
Arrival: Guangzhou/Kunming, CZ3419, 20:40/22:45 Aug 08, 2009
Departure: Lhasa/Beijing, CZ3184, 14:40/20:30, Aug 22, 2009

3. Tour Itinerary
Program from August 8 to August 22
14 nights/15 Days
3 star hotel
5 adults, 3 rooms, 2 double occupancy and one single occupancy

Day 01, 8th August, Paris - Guangzhou - Kunming

Afternoon flight CZ 3419, leave Guangzhou at 20:40, arrive in Kunming at 22:45
Pick up at airport. Overnight in Kunming.

Day 02, 9th August, Kunming -Shilin-Mengzi by private minibus

Vehicle: 400km
Sightseeing: Travel to the Stone Forest / Shilin, 90km from Kunming. see the old French railway on the way, The No. 1 wonder under heaven, the World Nature Heritage Site. After Shilin/Stone Forest, then drive to Mengzi county, visit the Nanhu Park, Mengzi county, visit the Bise Zhan, which is the old French Railway Station, you still could see the old French Building over the Bise Zhan. Overnight in Mengzhi. (B=Breakfast)

Day 03, 10th August, Mengzhi-Yuanyang by private minibus

Drive pass to Jijie county, (Chicken Street County), visit the Chicken Street County, then driver to yuanyang, trip to Laohu Zhui/Tiger Mouth Terrace to take photos of sunset. Overnight in Yuanyang. (B)

Day 04, 11th August, Jianshui-Kunming

Vehicle: 380km
Sightseeing: visit the old town of Jianshui, Confucius' temple. 2nd largest Confucius temple in China Zhujia Garden/ Private Garden of the Zhu Family., drive back to Kunming, have a traditional Chinese Puer tea perform in the evening. Overnight in Kunming. (B)

Day 05, 12th August, Kunming to Dali old town by private mini bus

Vehicle: 380km
Drive to Dali, you could pay a visit to World Dinosaurs Valley on the way to Dali, the entry ticket+guide service fee: of 150RMB/16EUR/person( your own expensive). Visit the Dali Ancient Town, Overnight in Dali. (B)

Day 06, 13th August, Dali to Lijang

Vehicle: 190km
Sightseeing: visit the Three pagoda, Bai minority villages at Xizhou Old Town, courtyard. Drive to Lijiang. Which is also called Dayanzhen, An UNESCO World Heritage sites, famous for its scientific architectural layout. Crisscrossed by crystal-clear rivers and meandering cobbled stone streets, unique well preserved old house. it has a high research value and is a treasure in the field of urban construction in China. Visit the Shuhe Ancient Town this evening. Overnight in Lijiang. (B)

Day 07, 14th August, Lijiang

Vehicle: 80km
Sightseeing: cycling trip to Baisha Naxi people's villages, vis nbt some local peole's family house. If the weather clear, can going to visit the black dragon pool. Same hotel. (B)

Day 08 15th August, Lijiang to Zhongdian,

Vehicle: 200km
Sightseeing: See the First Bend of Yangtzer River, visit the Tiger leaping gorge, Yi people's villages on the way, Tibetan style villages on the way. Overnight in Zhongdian. (B)

Day 09, 16th August, Zhongdian to Lhasa

Free day to explore your own interesting, Same hotel. (B)

Day 10, 17th August, Zhongdian to Lhasa
Morning flight MU5837, leave Zhongdian at 10:35, arrive Lhasa at 12:20

Transfer to Lhasa in the afternoon. The guide will meet you at Konggar Airport, and transfer you to Lhasa city with about 1 hours' driving (100km). On the way, you'll get greeted by Nie Tang Budda - a Budda image engraved in the mountain face. After arrive in Lhasa, rest and acclimatize. Overnight in Lhasa. (B)

Day 11, 18th August, Lhasa
The day's of sightseeing starts from Lhasa's cardinal landmark - Potala Palace, a structure of massive portions. It takes at least a good 1-hour to visit those rooms, halls and chapels.
Some 2km to the east of the Potala is the most revered religious structure in Tibet - Jokhang Temple. Bustling with worshippers and redolent with mystery, the Jokhang is an unrivalled experience. The quadrangle of streets surrounding the Jokhang is the Barkhor- Lhasa's most interesting pilgrimage circuit. This area of the Old Town is both the spiritual heart of Lhasa and the main commercial district for Tibetans. Overnight in Lhasa (B)

Day 12, 19th August, Lhasa to Gyantse,
Yamdroktso(4441m), one of Tibet's three holy lakes, is located 110km outside of Lhasa. It's mostly mountain road, winding and bumpy, even thrilling somewhat. After about 3 1/2 hours' driving, climbing over the snow pass of Kambala(5030m), the dazzling Yamdroktso just lies several hundred meters below the road Far in the distance is the huge massif of Mt. Nojin Kangtsang(7191m).
With the Glacier scene still exciting you, after about 90km, you get to Gyantse. There stands the 35m-high famous Kumbum, packed with exquisite Tibetan sculpture and paintings, a stunning architectural wonder in Tibet.Overnight in Gyantse.(B)

Day 13, 20th August, Gyantse to Shigatse

With Gyantse just fades away from your sight, Shigatse becomes clearer cause it's just 1 1/2 hours' driving (98km)
Visit the Old Town of Shigatse after arrive, a great place to wander around: Nicely decorated Tibetan houses and interesting(B)

Day 14, 21st August Shigatse to Lhasa
Miles away from Shigaste, you can already see the gold tops of Tashilhunpo shinning under the sun. While Tashilhunpo's magnificent outside leaves you gasp in admiration, the inside of this monastery introduces you more religious tranquility and sincerity.
Drive back to Lhasa.(B)
Day 15, 22nd August, Lhasa
After breakfast ,we will visit the Mural painting in Dalai Lama summer palace in Norbu Zinka depicting, and visit the Tibet Museum in the morning.
Pack your luggage and get ready for leaving. The guide will transfer you to the airport, and help you board the plane. Say goodbye to Tibet and fly out. (B)
Pack your luggage and get ready for leaving. The guide will transfer you to the airport, and help you board the plane. Say goodbye to Tibet and fly out. (B)
Afternoon flight CZ3184, leave Lhasa at 14:40, arrive Beijing at 20:30
4, Tour price for 5 persons: share with 2 double room+1 single room
Single Room Extra: 2450RMB/258EUR
The advance tour payment of RMB has been paid by credit card.
The balance tour payment of could be paid by cash or RMB by credit card (3% card charge which is your own).
5, Tour price includes:
1, Hotel accommodation is based on two persons sharing one twin room with private facilities in all relevant cities. Daily hotel breakfast at the hotels. 3 star hotel. Total is 3 rooms.
2, All private transfer. Vehicle/mini bus(7-9 seat minibus)
3, English Speaking Guides, our individual guide will not fly with you from one city to another. So at each airport of every city, our individule and driver will pick you up from the very beginning and see you off after you finish the itinerary of each city.
4, The government tax and city construction fee inside of China within the tour where applicable.
5, Sightseeing entrance fee
6, 3 domestic flight fares with airport tax: 1) Guangzhou-Kunming, 2)Zhongdian-Lhasa, 3) Lhasa-Beijing
7, Tourist Life Accident Insurance, MAX insurance 300,000RMB/per person.
8, Travel Agency Liability Insurance.
9, Tibet Travels permission/Visa fee for Tibet.
6, Quotation Excludes:
1, International air ticket , International Departure Fee: 90RMB/p(11US$/p)
2, Visa Fees
Charge of obtaining your visa to enter China.
3, Lunch/Dinner
4. Personal Expenses
Expenses of a personal nature such as laundry, drinks, fax, telephone call, optional activities or sightseeing, overweight baggage charges or meals not indicated, ect.
5. Optional Programs
Optional programs which are not specified in the above itinerary such as World Dinosaurs Valley Progorm is a optioanl programs: 150RMB/person.
6, Gratitude's tips to guides and drivers. Suggest tips to guide and driver: 5USD/person/day*14days. But is depended on the good service.





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