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  1.  Romance of Old Burma Road 

    Tengchong Volcano Mountain
    I took a student group from German University  to trip to Dali, Baoshan, Manshi and Ruili in March 1999, we traveled by coach to finish the famous Burma Road which is 1000km in total distance, the students studies the geology, we researched the oldest rocks on earth, earth crusts and volcano stones  in the journey.

    Tengchong: Rehai Hot Spring 
    We enjoyed the Chinese-Western food in the Tibetan Restaurant  which is located in Yangren Street (foreigner's Street) in Dali.      
    We tasted the pure countryside chickens cooked with spicy in Tengchong  county. Which is very peaceful county. We met a group from Singapore TV Station as soon as  

    The students showed me that is Volcano Stone about one hundred years ago.
    we reached the peak of dead volcano mountain after a hard claiming up.  The Singapore TV Station interviewed our group there.  
    We swam in Tengchong Rehai Hot Spring. We experienced a wonderful time during 10 days tour.


    The local people in Tengchong Reihai Hot Spring, using the bamboo pipes to do  acupuncture. 

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2.  Dali,Lijiang,Zhongdian (looking for Dream of Shangri-La)

Dayan Square Street , Lijiang Ancient towm
We arranged a university classmates gathering tour in Otc.1-8 2001,  the classmates from different provinces in China to come to Kunming to gather after they have graduated from Chongqin University for 15 years, they brought their wives, husbands, and their children to here to form a big family. 
    19 years ago, they stayed in college to look at the bright moon, missing their own hometown at the Mid-Autumn Festival

Three Pagodas of Chongsheng Monastry 
Night. 19 years later, they united in Kunming at the same Mid-Autumn Festival Night. How much youth is not  existed,  how much felling  have been changed , we still have owned  your love . ..
    They remind of their college lives 15 years ago , they sang the song of " same table with you"  :
       who had your long hair  coiled;
        Who did make the wedding dress for you  .
         I lost the blue of you 
         I lost the tearing of you ... 

Visit the Tibetan's Family 

We visited a Tibetan family in Zhongdian County ,  they invited us to drink the highland barley wine , Suyou tea(Tibetan's tea) and enjoyed  the roast sleeps. 



Walking in Foreigner's Street in Dali Ancient Town 

We tripped  to the magnificent Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is located between the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain.
There are some Naxi people and Tibetan people are sitting at  bank of river. 

Napa Hai Lake 


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3. China-Shangri-La Tour 

Lijiang Ancient Dayan Town
We arranged two guests from New Zealand and Britain, Selene (daughter ,New Zealand) and Sheila (Mum,84 year old, Britain) to travel to Yunnan from April 30 to May 10th, 2002. 
We sent and received a lots of emails from Selene to discuss the tour schedule before they came to Kunming, because I worried her mum whether she is  suitable to the Zhongdian's high elevation of 3300M above sea level, I suggest them don't go to Zhongdian to travel. Sheila told me she is used to traveling  around the world  a lot, and is no problem for her. In fact, Sheila is excellent after they got to Yunnan.

Chinese Western Food
My manager Christine Liang drove her car to take them to trip in Kunming, I was their tour guide when they traveled in Kunming, Selene got a bad stomached when they stayed in Lijiang, I guess she ate some chilly food when they enjoyed their own dinners in Lijiang ancient town,  she was sent to hospital. Our local tour guide and Sheila accompanied Selene in hospital for one night. Selene felt well but had to cancel their trip to Zhongdian, and back to Kunming early. 

Dali Foreigner Street

Sheila lost her handbag when they got to Kunming airport from Lijiang. We mentioned them to bring everything with them in airport, they said yes. Until evening, Sheila called me that she forgot her handbag in airport. We didn't find her handbag at the next day.  There are a camera and almost of pictures which were taken in Yunnan on this time inside of her handbag.We felt very pity and sorry about it . This rarely happened in my tour iob history. They still enjoyed a wonderful tour in Yunnan.
  They return to their home , and I got Selene's email soon, she plans to back to Yunnan to travel with her husband in the future. 

YOTC2002-C-Z0430(2pax, New ZeaLand,Britain)
Read their tour itinerary:


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