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Huize Photo Gallery
Huize county lies in the Norteast of Yunnan Province, located in the highest peak range of Wumen Moutain, area is 5854 Sq., the elevation of 2126 meters, anunal average temperature is 12.7 centigrade. with the beautiful environment, the pleasant climate. The Niunan River surrounds the northeast of the county, the small rivers flow down to the west, the Yili River pLines through the north and south of the border of the county. opposite east county of provincial capital of Sichuan and separated by river of Jinsha, line 213 of national road and Songdia high way pass by Huize, easily accessible, 21 townships in the whole county, the total population 93 ten thousand, 18 nationalities, such as Han people, Yis, Hui, Miao, Zhuang morities, etc..
The tourist resources in Huize are abountdant, in 74 kinds classified in the tourist resources, Huize has accounted for 41 kinds, the highest elevation is 4017 meters, the lowest point is 695 meters, the different elevation between the highest and lowest is 3322 meters, if you come here, you will fell th three dimensional climate and strange scene on the way, " Four seasons excursioned on one day, visit throuhout the year".


King Coin Manufacture County ------Welcome to Huize

Provincial Huize of historical cultural city, history is long, numerous cultural relics and historic sites, cultural inside information is deep. The province association of Jiangxi of historic reservation unit, Huguang guild hall can be rated as the quintessence of eight major associations, Tang Jiyao Former Resitence take on a new look after renovation, the Jiajing Tongbao Coin coherent treasure was seleted into the World Top of Guiness,
13333 hectares of alpine scenes of the big grass Land, l covered with grass of sea are limitless, the beautiful one is graceful with Yili river, the Black Neck Crane of Nature reserve coexists harmonically with

people here, sew difficultly and wonderful and elegantly and dangerously on the earth of Huize, Nagu Ancient town has fertile produce, the tomb of Han dynasty of waterside town is magical and pleasant, it is the Holy Land to experience the long march and red culture that the waterside town expands the red cultural ecological garden, red cultural exhibition hall. In recent years, the economy of Huize country is developed continuously, every infrastructure construction is being strengthened constantly, urban construction pace is being accelerated constantly, tourist industry is in the ascendant. Beautiful, richly endowed king Qian's township-------Huize is hospitable welcome.

Huize of Histotical Cultural City

The county town of Huize lies in the Northeast of Yunnan Province, area is 5886, population 930,000, supreme elevation is 4017 meters, the minimum elevation is 695 meters, the elevation of site of county town is 2126 meters, built and was the thinking sound county of the hall was put in six years(135 B.C.) in the Western Han dynasty, it is one of 14 historical cultural cites of Yunnan .
Huize because extend copper trader's culture for more than 3,000 years well-known, have "ancient copper", praise on "it south copper", "Jiajing's open treasure" cast of Ming Dynasty, was the largest ancient coin of the world, entered the first in the world of Guiness. Clear the universe good period, copper of Huize is it reach great prosperity period already to smelt, transport copper of capital reach national more than 60% of copper, so there is laudatory title of "transporting the first city in ten thousand li of Beijing", the prosperity of the copper makes the county town "merchants gathered"; The association temple is up to the holding of 108 alone, so "cultural city of the association " takes the course of its own in the national well-known city. Although go through vicissitudes, till now, traditional block of style and features, association temple, the private residence local-style dwelling houses and peculiar condition of the people of custom are still this most striking of well-known city.
Huize Ancient Town
Huize Ancient Town

Tang Jiyao Former Residence

Tang Jiyao, the native in Huize of Yunnan, borm in 1883, went to Japan to study in 1905, joined the United League of China, coma back home upon graduation in 1909, rose in revolt in order to respond Wuchang, participated in Yunna actively, plan to rise in revolt. In weight nine of rising in revolt, 74 rate is it capture the governor palace of Yunnan-Guizhou to mark, finish the task recovered in Yunnan.
In 1911, took the post as the commander-in -chief in ancient China of Guizhou, unless in the same year, let's transfer to Yunnan commander-in-chief in ancient China, when want Yuan Shikai it restore the old order autocratic monarchy of, JiYao Tang hold conclave many times on Kunming, Cai E reach Kunming, preside over the fifth conclave again, and drink the blood as the alliance. On the December 25, 1915, the ones that continued Yao with Tang and was headed by protected the country and rose in revolt and lifting the flag in Yunnan, Tang JiYao, etc. were set up an electric circuit in the whole country and required Yuan Shikai to cancel autocratic monarchy, and
organization protect country army, JiYao Tang let Yunnan command-in-chief in ancient China and concurrently protect country army commander-in-chief of the army, having protected the country and risen in revolt and received the response of the whole country, Yuan Shikai dies in protecting the tides of the last victory. 1923, Tang JiYao established "the university of east land" in the southwest, 1924,elected as the vice marshal by army's joint conference of government affairs of Guangzhou, 44 years old, die of illness and do in Kunming
Tang continue Yao former residence located in country town two lane and between the 3 lanes, made up of garden, large courtyard and well of the day after tomorrow, besides central room, there are the east, west wing-room, the warehouse, kitchen and colored drawing rooming, construction area is only 850 square meters, repaired according to the original appearance in 2002, in the residents of the people in two lanes residence, the one that seem very much is usual and general.

Association of Jiangxi

Major historical and cultural sites under state protection of Yunnan Province----The association of Jiangxi, ten thousand longevity palaces, is the association where the native in Jiangxi built in the county town of Huize, the midsection located in street of Jiangxi in the north of the county town, built it in the 50th year of Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty(1711), covering an area of 7545.92 square meters, with a construction area of 2594.74 square meters, the whole building faces north, making the overall arrangement of the depth along the central axis, enter to step the institute two times for three, there are stages of arch over a gate, main hall, back hall. In the east is the small garden, in the west is the small stage.
It is the stage of arch over o gate that the temple of Jiangxi has a characteristic one


"Treasure Cloud " Coin in the New Office
There are two coin offices in the county town of Huize, ascend the throne in the east of county town and lie in the city the southeast corner "treasure cloud" coins in the old office and "treasure cloud" and coins in the new office. The new office built in the sixth year of Qianlong(1741), covered an area of 8600 square meters, faced northing, "office will of Qianlong Dongchuan" was loaded: " The new office of treasure could, in the southeast corner outside the city of the office, northwards. One screen wall facing the gate of a house, three gates, three gates, three respects gate. Bloulez is surrounded on both sides in the door, build and build 300 doors of stove room, 15 doors of charcoal room. It amounts to 15to patrol the fence,

wooden ironsmith's battle, clear word craftsman's room, three warehouses, three halls, 18 copper lead, storehouse of money, six office studies, four it watchtower, is it examine government one of administration to room, 15 doors of charcoal room. It amounts to 15to patrol the fence, wooden ironsmith's battle, clear word craftsman's room, three warehouses, three halls, 18 copper lead, storehouse of money, six office studies, four it watchtower, is it examine government one of administration to patrol, on garrison duty left army transport Qian officer government office headquarters, office copper shop, county copper shop". It may well be large-scale, multiple functional. The coin office repaired in 2002, just the nave of this office and back hall, the back hall moulded I, seat ride ox is according to "purple gas the east come" allusion quatation this designed, hope the old man not only makes pills of immortality", let's bring the lucky air of kind to people here too! It cast because Qian Government money Huize county town "silver capital complement, money and concurrently with" abundant copper mine resource adding monetary policy and appearing. In the 12th year of Yongzheng, the county town set up the old office of "treasure cloud", set up 50 stoves, casting 125682 bunches of money every year, by the 6th the year of Qianlong(1741), Yunan Province one permitted and built the river of Jiasha and transported the copper water course at the river same time, eat the money in order to grant the worker who repairs river. The new office of newly-built "treasure cloud" of southeast side, build 20 stoves, produce 89773 bunches of copper cash per year in the city, the office of Dongchuan casts the great prosperity period of the money, set up more than 70 stoves, it is 440,000 bunches to coin every year, stove head, more than 1500 people of craftsman's battle, have formed a set of management sciences, multiple functional, divides the work and careful organizations.
Coin factory when being clear in Huize, it is not a simple craft workshop, has already had some factors that early capitalism has sprouted.
Huguang Guild Hall
Huguang guild hall is commonly called as the longevity temple(Buddist)s, thee Eastern Mountain palace, a wide book fellow villager of lake in the association, the major historical and cultural sites under state protection of Yunnan Province built of Huize.
Huguang guild hall is located in the good street of the treasure the Northeast of county town, build the beginning at the end of Ming Dynasty, arch over a gate stage, before hall, nave, back hall and things side hall in a palace or temple, both sides, arrange in one central axis with book floor garden rule soil preparation, cover an area of 8474.4 square meters, with a construction area of 3127.6 square meters. The whole building is powerful, tolerance is outstanding, the year of "table of Yu Royal Palace". "the temple is solemn, long it is a clear form, "Yu Royal Palace" of the previous hall. Hall hang "apply soil work high" flat volume, great Yu king moulded in the hall. Hall hang "apply soil work high" flat volume, great Yu king moulded in the hall, 6.4 meters high, moukd and assist supernatural Hou Chi of vallery that the uncle benefit and
believer that big Yu harnesses the river sow and get in crops on both sides, that reflected is that the wide area of lake worships" Dredge nine rivers". "arrange the Huaihe River Si", the clear culture characteristic of Human of great king Yu "passing the door and not entering three times". The god enshrined and worship is a big emperor in the Eastern Mountain in "palace of the Eastern Mountain" of the nave. The big emperor in the Eastern Mountain is a supreme chief executive who wields the hell underworld, administer human world high and low with life and death, its grandfather's temple is the Mount Tai temple of Mount Tai, one of the Five Mountains, the wide book fellow villager of lake, while building the association in Huize, have invited this god to the county town of Huize too.

"hall of the temple of the longevity" of back hall. What was enshrined and worship is a big person of Goddess of Mercy, there is sunlight Bodhisattva and Bodhisattva of moonlight respectively both sides. Can find out, the longevity temple (Boddhist) is that one melts different religions and builds the association built according to the pattern of the temple.
The wide style of temple (Buddhist) lake of the longevity is very obvious, hard mountaintop its is it fight with roof beam mix structure, book floor rolls of canopy, three halling long to close a square while being wide to wear, have the architectural styles of Hubei and Human Provinces, Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces. In history, there are the check of the longevity temple (Buddhist)s very much.
The name, while repairing in 2002, have also kept this characteristic, it is smooth to say to be in working consummately, line, meticulous but not miscellaneous, magnificent but not frivolous, collate and call the fine works of wood carving of fretwork.


Big Sea Grass Moutain/Da Haichao Shan

Big Sea Grass Moutain/Da Haichao Shan, means sea and hills are covered with grass, sea Liang Zi in the dark area of Mengshan 40 kilometers southwest of county town of Huize, between 2570-4017 meters of elevation, the whole area is 20 ten thousand mu, is the most high alpine grass marsland of Yunnan, been always world-famous for grass, flower, could, fog, snow, light, water, peak, soul, known as "New Zealand" in the East. ChaoShi Tang, Nanzhao King seal "the Five mountains four show disrespect on" Yunnan, it seals to be" the East Mountain". Zigzag from one higway surrounded by mountains but have, enter the scenic spot when being entered through the simple and unsophisticated, primitive gate, grass marshland terrain gentlely, rolling, wide and broad and level chain of mountains have, vast and soft and graceful, vast and deep, empty and quiet and cause vigor. The grass marshland ,brook, blue sky, white cloud, flock of sheep, is the little main characteristic in the scenic spot of rhinoceros, if the

brook is taken, the spring is limpid, both sides of the small stream, green grass mattress, red and white mountain flower have, form one very large" seven color meadows", whole stream, under the setting off of blue sky, white cloud and a piece of some flocks of sheep, it is clear, deep and remote, refined, clean to show even more, Sit by the small stream, the white cloud in the sky, brushes past; The mountain breeze slowly, like a lover, at one's side murmurously, that kind surmount thing, melt in the natural feeling, such as entering the fairyland. The bull's peak of stockaded village of highest peak of the sea and hill covered with grass, the elevation is 4017 meters, high up in the air hegemony generation," office will of Dongchuan "sites : "Offer on the heavy hopeless mountains of hillock, more than 30 li high, endanger the peak and stand, often there are thin, floating clouds that cover it, whenever fine day, want to drip dark greenly, 4,250 of the middle regions of the Yunnan Province all see it". The ease cloud of the hill covered with grass, very strange, strange and changeful and changeable; The Buddha light of the hill covered with grass, mysterious and deep, beautiful and magical; Fog Zhyuan of hill covered with grass, wrap jade hang pearl, precious jade all over the sky Joan. Sea and hill covered with grass, the fairyland on the cloud, human world like the fairy tale.


Yili River/ Gift river

The Yili River, means with the river scenic spot of the gift, the main scenic spot is the reservoir, tower of style of writing of Maan Mountain and three river intersection of the Mao's village.
With the gift, it is Yi's language, the meaning of the willow is inserted on the bank of the river, calls "the river of the willow", rise in wild horse Sichuan of the south of county town of Huize, flow through waiting to mend, sea, gold clock, aunt Na, old five villages and towns and 122 kilomters of factory. Whole river, of flowing rhythm, the twists are colorful, exactly like a fairy maiden and throw a silver color made to take to human world, drifts slightly in the high mountain ridges carelessly.
The reservoir of the Mao's village lay in with the state of being middling of the gift river, it is one of the national key projects to intercept water and build the dam in the fifties, the capacity of the whole storehouse is 533 million cubic meters, the most famous one is the earth-filled dam of this reservoir, it is 80.5 meters high, it is very 463.5 meters long, it is first in Asia, the core-wall type wide dam of many kinds of soil of clay of second in world, surface of water of 40 kilometers,
the lake-light is overflowing, the glistening light of waves is clear, like a jewel, glimmer with the gift riverside.
The tower of style of writing of Maan Mountain, lie in and flow through the south of the embankment of Huize with the gift river, from three kilometers of county towns. The fourth year of Guangxu (one year), know office Cai have Xie according to geomantic to geomantic omen theory, determine to pilot a ship into harbour into the city, and build scene artificially in Maan Mountain of water mouth place, build one pagoda of seven grades on the mountaintop, form office gold Wenchang palace of Zhong Mount around the city, China should chief pavilion, style of writing tower trigonometry of Maan Mountain of stockaded
Village set against, the tendency of "gentle luck" of reflecting each other, has reach the so-called best realm of "sending first in department" of the geomantic omen skill. This tower was destroyed in and resumed in the Culture Revolution in 2002, the tower was 37 meters high now, can collect seven stories of steps, whenever climb the tower, have a panoramic view in beautiful scenery of the whole city. And if look far into the distance in the embankment, just as the jade pen towers, seem that here as the paper with the blue sky in the pagoda, try the beautiful mountains and rivers of Huize of the book best.
To if the sky blue scene is bright, pagoda and for example note on the earth, a great song of resounding across the skies is jumping to imitate.

Black Neck Crane

Black neck crane known as rare bird of the world, at present, only store more than 4000 in the whole world, and the black neck crane going to Huize to survive the winter every year is up to more than 200. Unless because there are for many years the people Huize conscientious for protection, nine every the ninth lunar month, form in groups to neck crane not black fly over numerous mountains and rivers of, fly here from remote Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, perch to survive the winter in the bridge and black crane's marshland of the nature reserve of neck of the son of Changhai; it is the third of March the coming year, the weather turns warm, the black neck crane arranges the growth team again, gather a group of friends, fly back one after another reluctant to part withly. A migration of going round and begin again every year, the black neck crane is sentimentally attached to going to this stretch of land which is full of true love in Huize ownly deeply, have constructed the happy and auspicious and beautiful home in the black neck crane's nature reserve of the son of Changhai of the bridge, natural picture scroll that cranes lived in harmony after forming the persons.


The black neck crane is a peculiar rare animal of our county, among the 15 crane in the world, most late to is it live crane type in plateau only too to find. Because the population only counts more than 4000, extremely rare, determined the rare species needing badly being saved as the whole world by "one kind of international trade conventions of animals and plants in imminent danger" and "international birds's Red Book". In our county, black neck crane and giant panda, golden-haired monkey stand side by side for "three major national treasures".
In the bridge of Huize county, sub black crane's provincial nature reserve of neck of reservoir of Changhai, the pasture and water is luxuriant, the marsh ecology keeps intact, is aquatic bird's most ideal habit environment that black neck crane and other survive the winter, it is the best environment that the black neck crane depends on for existence too. Perch black neck crane here, perch second in country protect animals---Grey crane. Various kinds of aquatic birds of nearly 20000, such as red sheldrake, spot wild goose that leads the flock flying in formation, green wing duck, red mouth gull, heron, etc¡­ Whenever the rising sun rises at the beginning, one hundred birds chirp together , ten thousand birds fly together, noisy noise and excitement, afford a magnificent spectacle, can be rated as the paradise of the bird, parsdise of the black neck crane.

It is said that the black neck defends tenaciously the monogamy, constant in love. Two cranes form companions, keep with each other all the life, never allow the other person to participate. If a crane among them or injured dead due to illness, another crane will often go on a hunger strike, sorrowfully die, or fly into the sky sadly and desperately, draw wings in and commit suicide bornly. Black neck crane loyal and steadfast to love, make people get up and offer.

Sew on the Earth of Huize

Sew on the earth of Huize, lie in the mediocre township of rain of 60 kilometers of southeast of county town of Huize, because have second year rise of fall of the earth's crust, "mountain" stratum straggly to take shape of calligraphy have. Scene this by "big thinker", ten sew, Jin Buddha the hole, sleeping beauty, etc. four beauty spots make up , it is an organic whole to collect strangely, dangerously, deep and remote quietly, beautifully, may be said that the scenery spread all over, the step moves the scene to change, too plenty for the eye to take it all in.
Enter people's scenic spot, the green hill in the two side is relative, a thousand is sought at the cliff; Lying in huge Shiheng of valley bottom, clear river is sometimes quiet like the young girl, sometimes noise heavy breathing is thunderous; Cliff and Cliffside waterfall, the mist like the fog of hour, dim, when like by rain curtain, Xi drip, sometimes and for example wisps of cloud not white, misty. Boil in the mountain valley. One big huge stone lying before the hole door, rise sheer from level ground, is exactly like the doing "thinker" handed down from ancient times of French Rodin.
"big thinker's" depths the most of the scenic spot, namely earth sew, head on pleasing to the eye curtain to insert cave between two mountain overhanging cliffs direct, call "the door of the life". Sew not stretching in a connected line more than ten kilometers, most wide place more than 20 meters, most place not narrow only 1.6 meters, up to 486 meters. Sew both sides whole, knife sharpen axe spilt, magma hang down clear last ten thousand years, it is strange now to form the nature like the superb craftsmanship. The spring secreted out from the rock, such as ten thousand pearls, have formed the waterfall curtain of one layer of pearls. In not sewing river, like every one child when it is naughty, everywhere it jump not fleeing. Sew entering, gallery of 5 kilometers, one point one steps scene, noisy in empty and quiet, have brought wisps of again warmly in the fear. Full of vigor in deep and serene.
Sew on, namely whether it is white drip just like coming by Jin Buddha of holes magma. Hills are undulating outside the hole, 99 mountain peaks, one of them "sleeping beauty" who admired it and lay, her figure is sedate, exceedingly fascinating and charming, among the people, the young girl of Yi spreads to defeat the evil beautiful and magical legend sewing and becoming the sleeping beauty forming.
Huize Photo Gallery


Major scenic Spots in Huize

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Black Neck Crane in Daqiao Village |

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