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Yunnan Cuisine, though not yet well known in the West, is one of the best regional eating experiences in China. Many dishes borrow hot, spicy flavours from neigh-bouring Sichuan. Others, influenced by periodic mirgrations provinces such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong, reflect the subtle, rounded taste of eastern and southeast Chinese cuisine. The Year round availability and variety of vegetables provides a seemingly limitless menu.


Xuanwei huotui, Xuanwei Ham, Yunnan Food
Xuanwei Huotui a strong, tasty, country-cured ham. Unlike in the rest of China, the Yunnanese appreciate certain dairy products. An excellent mild white cheese (rubing) is eaten fried or steamed in combination with ham or vegetables especially the tender, emerald-green horse beans (candou). In spring ans summer eels, caught in the wet rice fields, are great delicacy. 


Yunnan Mushrooms
Yunnan Mushrooms Appear in great profusion when the rains let up in August. The most highly prized of the dozens of varieties are "chicken-tast mushroom", (jizong)and morel, called " Sheep-stomach mushroom " (yangduzi). For vegetable lovers, Yunnan is a joy, Lotus root, bamboo shoots, tender young pea-sprouts, Chinese broccoli, beans of many types, green garlic shoots.

Steam Pot Chicken ( Qiguoji) Yunnan ,
OSteam Hot Pot Chicken Yunnanese is the ceramic steam pot, a squat, round, lidded vessel with an internal spout, or chimmney, that allows steam to enter and circulate but not escape. Chicken cooked by this technique produces a superior soup entirely from steam and natural juices. This dish, called steam Pot Chicken ( qiguoji) comes first on the list of Yunnan's specialities. A
remarkable feature, which should not put anybody off, is the inclusion of natural medicinal ingredients used by the Chinese both to enhance flavour and to promote health. These might include ginseng, herbs or dried Himalayan caterpillars.

Kunming Dinning, Kunming Food
A recommended restaurant for the Yunnan Steam Pot Chicken Dish mentioned is Fuzhao Lou located in Kunming Northen Meishiceng, the branch restaurant is located in Kunming Beijing Road, inside of Jingjiang Hotel, (¸£ÕÕÂ¥Æû¹ø¼¦µê).
Kunming Jingjiang Fuzhao Lou Restaurant. À¥Ã÷¸£ÕÕÂ¥Æû¹ø¼¦µê  

Crossing - Bridge Rice Noodles (Guoqiao mixian)

Yunnan Over Bridge Rice Noodles Most famous flavour dishes in the province, came from a story in the southern Yunnan. A scholar, preparing for the imperial examinations . isolated himself on an island in a lake. His devoted wife was dismayed that meals she carried to him across a long, wooden bridge always arrived cold. But by chance, she
Kunming Jian Xing Yuan Restaurant discovered the way to keep soup boiling hot was to top it with a thin layer of vegetable oil which prevented the spot without a stove. Of course, her husband passed the exams.

Kunming Jianxing Yuan Restaurant,



Yunnan Food in Chinese New Year Eve Dinner, Chinese family Dinner on Chinese New Eve
Chinese New Year Dinner is very important for Chinese family people, every member from the family if they live in the different cities will try them best to return to their parenets home, bring the new year food staff, gifts to visit their parenets, have a united family dinner, sit together around the table, parents will busy in preparing a big table food to celebrate the new year coming.
yunnan cooking For ordinary family will cook the most famous Yunnan/Dian Food during Chinese New Year Eve, such as:
Yunnan Dian Food, Eight Treasures Rice  

1, Eight Treasures Rice

2, Ten Thousands Pieces
Meet Dish

This Ten Thousands Pieces Meet Dish is made of Meet Layers, salted vegetables, and brown suger, steem them, it need a good skills to make meet not hard and not oilling to eat.
3. Steam Pot Chicken ( Qiguoji) Yunnan
kunming food

4, Longer Years Dish,

This Longer Year Dish is made of longer Green Chinese Cabbage, white carrot, boiling them with water. Should boil them for a big pot, we will keep on eating longer year dish for several days during the spring festival. It means you get a long life.


5. Fried Meet Ball

This Fried Meet Ball is the meaning of the family United at the end of this year.

6. Green Garllic & White Bean Curd Dish
This dish is Green garllic cooked with white bean curd, this dish is very import to eat during the Chinese New Year Eve, it means you are clean and clear for your finance, during the past and coming year, green garllic in chinese means 清白, Qin Shuan" , whtie bean curd in chinese means" Bai", (Qin+Bai)=qin bai, it means clean and understanding in the money£¬you don't have any debt and finacial crimal problem in your life.


Kunming Bittern Duck (Kunming Lu Ya)

The dish is first choice among tourists, after choosing ducks from Dianchi Lake and preparing with some ten steps, it can be served. The dish is golden with a soft flavor. It is said that Bittern Duck is dish do much good to people's health.


Yunnan Nanzhao Banquet Menu
1. Crispy Chicken in Garli Sauce
2. Double Boiled Chicken Broth with Chinese Herbs
3. Wok-Fried Live Shrimp with Chili Sauce
4. Gratin Live Scallop with Celery
5. Fried Beef fillet in Black Sauce
6. Sauteed Sea Crab
7. Steamed Mandarin Fish in Lemon Sauce
8. Stewed Rabbit Yunnan Style
9. Braised Asparagus in Superior Jus
10. Fried Rice Yunnan Style
11. Turnip Cake in puff Pastry
12. Pan-fried Bun with Minced Meat
13. seasonal Fruit Platt



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