my mother英语作文带翻译初一作文

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my mother英语作文带翻译初一作文1

  My MotherMy MotherMy Mother isa kind and gentle woman. She is always very gentle. She takes good care of her children and keeps them all at school. I have one brother and two sistets. So she gets four children in all. She gives us every comfort. We all love her and she loves us also. My mother has too much to do in bringing us up. As our family is too poor to keep a servant, my mother has always to do very much work. She gets up very early and sleeps very late every day. She works hard, yet without complaining.She is also a thrifty, and industrious woman. She saves every cent that she can and keeps everything in order. As she has been busy eversince she was young, she looks older than she really is. Her face is wrinkled, her hair becomes silver white, but she works as hard as ever.Often she says to us, "work while you work, play while you play. If you do not work, you will become lazy and of no use to society." What piece of good advice this is! We must worth it well and always keep it in our mind.

my mother英语作文带翻译初一作文

  我的母亲我的母亲是一位心地善良、性情温和的女性。她总是彬彬有礼。她细心地照顾孩子并使他们都上学读书。我有一个哥哥,两个妹妹,所以她总共有四个孩子。她使我们做每件事时都感到舒适。我们都爱她,她也爱我们。为了抚养我们,母亲有太多的事要做。因为我们家很穷,雇不起佣人,母亲总是必须做很多工作。她每天起早贪黑,辛苦地工作,从无怨言。 她又是一位节俭勤勉的妇女。她尽可能地节省每一分钱,并且使每一件事情都井井有条。由于年轻时就一直忙碌,所以从外表看上去更见苍老。她的脸布满皱纹,头发也变成了灰白,但她仍像从前一样辛勤地操劳。她常对我们说:“工作时工作,玩乐时玩乐,如果不工作,你将变得懒惰,从而无益于社会。”这是一番多么好的忠告啊!我们必须珍视它,并将它牢记心中。

my mother英语作文带翻译初一作文2

  I have a good mother.Her name is Yu Bihua.

  She has short and black hair.Her eyes are big,round and black.Her mouth is small,and she likes talking so much.She is not so tall.She often wears a brown coat,black trousers and black shoes.She is 37years old,but she looks young.

  My mother works in a hospital and she is a nurse.She is very busy.Every morning,she gets up early.Then she goes to work on foot.Her work begins at 7:30.She has lunch at 12:30.After lunch,she has a short rest and then goes to work again.At 6:00 p.m. She comes back home.In the evening ,she often watches TV,then goes to bed.

  My mother is an ordinary,hard-working woman,but I'm proud of her.



  我的妈妈在医院工作,她是一个护士,她很忙。每天早上,她早早起床,然后步行去上班,她的工作在7 30.she开始在12: 30.after午餐,她有一个短暂的休息,然后去上班了。下午6:00她回来家。在晚上,她经常看电视,然后去睡觉。


my mother英语作文带翻译初一作文3

  My mother is a very lovely woman . She often plays the computer games at home.

  Sometimes she watches TV with me . We always study English together. While I am playing the piano, she always sits beside me. My mother is a house wife. Everyday she cleans our house, so my home is clean and beautiful.

  My mother is good at cooking . The meal she cooks is very wonderful , so my father and I like to eat . She always gets up early in the morning , and go to bed late in the evening . We love her very much .




my mother英语作文带翻译初一作文4

  I have a great mother. She cares much about me in my life and study. In the morning, she gets up early to make breakfast for me. When I was little, she prepared my schoolbag. But now, she tells me to do it by myself. Because she thinks I have been old enough to do it. Besides, she always checks my homework. When I finish my homework, she checks it and points out the mistakes. She is very careful and helps me a lot. I love my mother.