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  Weekends to people mean that people can have two days' rest. They can go out or get together at home.


  Everybody spends weekends in his own way. Some people relax themselves by listening to music, reading in libraries or doing sports outdoors.

  In a word, different people have different relaxations.

  I often spend weekends with my family. Sometimes my parents take me to visit our relatives. Sometimes we go swimming or go dancing and sometimes I go to read some instructive books. I often enjoy myself at weekends.






  Every year,more than 0 million Americans spend their holidays camping in the national forests and natural parks.The number of visitors is rising.

  Camping has been a long tradition for the American people.Pioneer Americans hunted and fished in forest streams and used forest trees for building houses.

  Often in their travels,they camped deep in the woods.Of course,it was not for fun at that time.In later years,Americans began to find great fun in camping,fishing and other activities

  The campers go climbing,swimming,boating and horse riding.They pick wild fruit,watch birds,and take photos of wild flowers,wild animals and the beautiful views.

  They also spend time making friends and singing around evening campfires.

  Of course,people are attracted to the forests for different reasons and purposes.Some want to see the wildlife;others may just want to be in the open or live close to the land.These activities are becoming more and more important,especially for the people living in the big cities.New campers may need some information about camping.

  For example,good maps are necessary not only for planning trips but also for traveing on unfamiliar roads.Making preparations is very important for camping.






  My Chinese name is Yuke. My English name is Vencent. I’m a boy .I’m nine years old. I’m from Ruian Xincheng Experimentation primary school.

  I’m in Class three Grade four. I’m clever. I’m a good boy. I’m helpful. I often help classmates. My best friend is Caichenglai. He’s nine years old too. We eat play and read together. We learn each other.

  I like swimming,roller-skating and computer games.

  I swim everyday in the summer holiday. I ofen roller-skating on the weekend.

  I like blue and red .

  I like the blue sky. I like the red auturm .

  There are three people in my family. They are my mother my father and I. My mother is thirty-seven years old. She’s an accountant. She likes to go travelling. My father is thirty-seven years old too. He is a teacher. He Mr Cook was the owner of a shop.

  He lived alone in a small room above his shop.He was always afraid that one night someone might break into his shop.

  One Friday night,after he closed the shop,he found that he had got almost 10,000 yuan that day.So he thought that keeping so much money in the shop was a very dangerous thing.

  He took the money with him to the bed,put it in the pocket of his coat and went to bed with his coat on.At midnight the loud ringing of the doorbell made him wake up .He got out of the bed and called out.“What do you want?”Under the street light was a policeman,“Sorry to wake you up,”the policeman answered,“but all the lights are on in your shop. I think you forgot to turn them off when you closed up. ”




  他带着钱到了床上,把它在他的上衣口袋里,和与他的外套。午夜响亮的门铃响起,他醒来了上床,他得到了床,叫出来。 “你想干什么?”路灯下的是一名警察,“很抱歉把你唤醒,”警察回答说,“但所有的灯都在你的店铺。我想你忘了将其关闭,当您关闭。 “ikes to reed books.


  Christmas, annual Christian holiday commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. Most members of the Roman Catholic Church and followers of Protestantism celebrate Christmas on December 25, and many celebrate on the evening of December 24 as well. Members of the Eastern Orthodox Church usually delay their most important seasonal ceremonies until January 6, when they celebrate Epiphany, a commemoration of the baptism of Jesus. Epiphany also traditionally commemorates the arrival of the Three Wise Men of the East in Bethlehem (near Jerusalem, Israel), where they adored the infant Jesus and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. The official Christmas season, popularly known as either Christmastide or the Twelve Days of Christmas, extends from the anniversary of Christ’s birth on December 25 to the feast of Epiphany on January 6.

  Christmas is based on the story of Jesus’ birth as described in the Gospel according to Matthew (see Matthew 1:18-2:12) and the Gospel according to Luke (see Luke 1:26-56). Roman Catholics first celebrated Christmas, then known as the Feast of the Nativity, as early as 336 ad. The word Christmas entered the English language sometime around 1050 as the Old English phrase Christes maesse, meaning festival of Christ. Scholars believe the frequently used shortened form of Christmas—Xmas—may have come into use in the 13th century. The X stands for the Greek letter chi, an abbreviation of Khristos (Christ), and also represents the cross on which Jesus was crucified.



  Today I was not happy, because I was late for school and be criticized by my teacher. It was the fault of my alarm clock. It was wrong this morning, but it never has been like this before. It didn’t work, so I woke up at 10:00 a.m. when I hurried to school, I have missed the morning class. Because I didn’t listen to these classes, I didn’t know how to do the homework. It was really a sad day.



  Today is my birthday, when I go home after school, I find a big cake in front of me, then my mother and father say happy birthday to me, I feel so surprised and happy. I am 10 year-old now, it means I grow up, I should be more mature and learn to think about my parents. I make a wish, I hope I can make a big progress in my study.